Should I revive a schoolgirl on girl experiment?


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Jun 20, 2019
Recently we had my best friend since schooldays and her husband round for a few drinks, she's known since it started that I fuck my husband's best friend while he watches. Us girls had a bit too much to drink and when my friend suggested our husbands moved seats no one complained. Her husband kissed me and groped my tits, I let him know he didn't have to stop there and he put a hand on my thigh starting to head for my pussy. I lifted my dress and he took my panties off, begin playing with my pussy and get me very wet. I looked at my friend and my husband was fingering her pussy. To cut the story short we both came and I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy as she sat with her legs wide apart.

As they left her hand brushed my pussy and she said that we must do this again. In bed my mind went back to when we were 13 years of age. I used to go home for school lunch and one day had caught my sister (2 years older than me) with a lad, they were playing with each other and I watched them through a gap in a door that wasn't quite closed. Some of the lads at school showed us their cocks but this was the first time I'd seen another girl's pussy spread wide open. As kids do I wondered what it would be like to touch and be touched.

My best friend sometimes had lunch at mine with me. I told her of the chance view of the lad shooting his load and she put her hand on my leg. As I put my hand on her leg she parted them, they very short grey school skirt rode up to reveal regulation school panties. We looked at each other and were suddenly kissing each other hard, I felt her hand go inside my panties and I almost passed out - I guess that was my first girl girl orgasm. We had a rushed fingering session just taking panties off, we had many after school sessions when we explored all of each others bodies. As with most of our friends we discovered boys and never had girl on girl fun again.

Seeing my friends grown up wet pussy shaved and spread wide reminded me of those days and now I'm wondering if I should try for a session with her. Should I? How should I bring up the idea? Have any of you other hotwives ever revived old girl on girl times?

Pm me if you wish, I'll alert hubby to stay off here for a few days.