Slowly opening her up to things

Sep 3, 2017
Central Florida
I found this site back in August and have posted our story to date. In a nutshell, we are dealing with a dwindling sex life and menopause. In our struggles with the life change, I have been opening up to her with some things I would like us to try to spice things (hotwifing and perhaps mild cucking) up mainly for her benefit since I can still rub on out several times a day.
Back in August I shared with her my desire (which I do not know where it comes from) to clean her up sometime after I have filled her with my cream. While I thought I was pretty clean on how it would need to happen, apparently I was not.

We both quit smoking 6 weeks ago tomorrow and with wanting to keep our bodies in check we were looking at different gym memberships yesterday. One of the gyms we went to is behind an office building that I had done some IT work in back in 2002. After we looked at the gym we noticed a restaurant in the shopping center that we had not been to before and decided to get some dinner.
As we sat there my mind started to wander about the people that used to work there. The company that I was working with was a penny stock brokerage firm and there were a couple of ladies there. The time that I was working there was when instant messaging was branching out with other providers and I was introducing MSN messenger to their office. As we sat there I remembered when I went to help the receptionist setup her messenger account. Remembering her what her email address was (which ties into what i would like to try) made me smile and I shared the story with my wife.

I asked her is she remembered what I told her I wanted to try back in August. She asked me to be a little more specific since I had shared a lot with her that weekend (to which hardly any of it had been explored). I then went on to share the memories I was recalling and that the email address (that had embarrassed the receptionist and caused to to blush hard) was short handed to a combination of letters and numbers. When I pressed her to share what is meant, she blushed even harder and told me (while turning away from me) "liked to be ate twice". Pressing her further on it she eventually explained (while facing me) that she liked to be eaten before and after being fucked. (writing this, I wonder how wet that little hottie must have been sharing that with me, those fresh 20-21 year old lips of hers........)

So after I was finished telling her about my experience at that office, I told her the part I was talking about from August was cleaning up after myself. She said that that was something I wanted to do and she wasn't stopping me from doing it. I saw the waitress coming with our food and quickly said that it was something that I could not do by myself and that she needed to take charge of it and I would share a story with her later as a guide to it. She kind of chuckled and said a guide? and the waitress was at our table.

After we finished eating we headed home and as we settle in on the couch I started looking for the story. While I was looking for it she went into the home office to do something. I found it about 5 min later and after reading it to make sure it was the right story I (very nervously) sent it to her tablet via text message. I then panicked a little and sent another text that just said " the physical part, the verbal part not so much" Her phone went off and she started to get up but I told her it was just me.

A few minutes later she joined me on the couch and briefly looked at her phone and thought about my messages and then sat it down. After a couple of minutes when by I asked her if she was going to read it and she said she couldn't on her phone and picked up her tablet. It was 7:39pm.

It was an extremely long 13, sweaty palms & cold feet minutes before she closed her tablet.

As she began to speak I stopped her and explained to her what the last thirteen minutes had been like for me. We then talked for about an hour afterwards about the why's and such. I did hum and hah some questions I had about what the experience would be like for both of us. The questions I had regarding it were questions she didn't have to answer if she chose not to.
Would it all come out of her at once? Does she have to push it out or? Would it be better to sit on my face facing me or in reverse both from a her pleasure and fully cleaning her out standpoint?

She didn't answer :0

( I would welcome feedback from other hotwives as to the best position for her to feed me back my own cum to make sure I get it all)

We ended up not doing anything last night so when I went out to the back porch while the dog did his business. Working that load out last night, I (sticking to my turned on by it before and off by it afterwards) was grateful (and disappointed) because I would have been eating her for awhile.
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Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
As we played I asked my wife if she'd like me lick my cum off her. She said yes, quick and firm answer, no thinking about it.

My problem is that I loose complete interest in sex immediately after orgasm. BUT once within seconds, before the 'post orgasm blues' set in, I jumped down between her legs and licked her clean of my cum until she had a orgasm.

I've asked the same question again resulting in an enthusiastic yes.