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  2. G

    What will you do if your wife being ***ed and showing you lots of cum inside her

    You and wife was on way home then you encountered a gang and they humiliated your woman.Aftermath when they we're done,they would let you go and showing all her body smeared with cum especially inside pussy, that means the chance of getting pregnant is very high.What can you do at that moment...
  3. B

    Ate my own cum from my asian wife for the first time.

    Was able to keep myself hard long enough to cum inside my wife. For years I have fantasized about eating a bull's load from her asian pussy. While it wasn't from a stranger, it was still a creampie. She was riding me when I came in her. I wasn't sure how she'd react but I went for it. I reached...
  4. H

    Cock size…..

    Do you like it when your wife has sex with a guy with a much bigger cock? I know I do! I love watching my wife take a huge cock, one her current bf is soooo big! I love sucking him to make him hard as they kiss, I love it when she begs him to fuck her harder. I love it when he pumps his cum...
  5. H

    What’s your favourite sex position as a Cuck?

    so what’s your favourite sex position as a Cuck? Mine without doubt is when me and my wife are in 69 and she is being fucked. It’s when she is at her wettest, I love licking her clit and his cock as it slides in and out of her making her cum so hard. Then when he cums in her she tells me to...
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  7. N

    This is my greatest fantasy right now! An Indian wife who is a hotwife!

    I would like to live in India and an Indian hotwife would be my wife. She wouldn't work, she would just have sex with local men, as much as she wanted. I would adore her and do anything she wanted. She wouldn't have sex with me, I'd just have to lick and clean up all of her bodyparts! :love...

    I really enjoy to use their wife :)

    Submissive American couple, while she is serving to me her bf watches via ... from the next room. When I am done with her of course he came to clean this slut! :) it was a fun night. He did not want me to fuck her ass but she said it’s totally fine so the little hubby knew his place now :)...
  9. cuckold cum dump 4124.jpg

    cuckold cum dump 4124.jpg

    Cuckold used as a cum dump
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    serving a demanding Bull
  11. 0 0 a t e 0 dp 2842.jpg

    0 0 a t e 0 dp 2842.jpg

  12. 11796495-720p (1).mp4

    11796495-720p (1).mp4

    Hard fuck and sloppy seconds
  13. A

    Videos of your Cleanup duties

    Is there someone Who could Send Here a video of his pussy cleaning duty after session
  14. cum eating cuckold.mp4

    cum eating cuckold.mp4

    what a useful cleanup hubby
  15. cuckold clean up and sucking bully's dick.mp4

    cuckold clean up and sucking bully's dick.mp4

  16. P

    Mature couple seek thick male.

    Mature couple in Northern NY are looking for a man to participate in cuckold play with us. He should be 6' tall or better and she prefers big men. She is interested in thick cocks as opposed to really long (she has had 10+ in the past) and he should be well informed on the cuckold scene. She...
  17. P

    Cum while cleaning wife photos

    Does anyone have any photos of cuming while cleaning your wife or similar cuckold moments?
  18. Joecde3vfr4

    Average Joe Cuck CumTributes by Request

    Here I would love to post CumTribute's I put together for other Members. I am just an average Joe, but I would love to cum on your wife's pussy and ass, and then I will clean it up for her! Please let me know if I can cum on your wife's ass! I take some photos and then video me cumtributing...
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    100% genuine cuckold husband.mp4

    cuckold cum eating and cleanup
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    hubby toches her clit while she gets bbc and cleans her creamy pussy up.mp4

    good cuck does anything to please his wife


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