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  2. naturalcucky

    Sperm hunger?

    If a lot of time goes by, I’ll go crazy so much I want to clean my wife’s pussy after being fucked by another man. I will only calm down completely if I get my cream pie again. Does another cuckold feel this if they haven’t received a creampie in a while?
  3. B

    Bull at home: during and after sex

    When the bull spends your night at home do you prefer to watch him fuck his wife or just prefer to hear them having sex? Do you play a role during or after sex like clean-up or massage? At bedtime do you prefer to sleep with the bull and wife or leave them alone? What was the best experience you...
  4. naturalcucky

    I told my hotwife I lot fantasize about a gangbang.

    I'd like to clean her pussy after as many men as possible! Unfortunately, she could only give me the illusion of this with yogurt. I cleaned her pussy and we both enjoyed it! Real sperm would have been better.
  5. L

    Husband don't know!

    Hubby will never know... ...about my new outfit!
  6. Lostinlongwood

    She has fed me again.

    Guess this is really just a place for me to vent and share our progress on a possible hotwife awakening/spicing things up in the bedroom. Not gonna rehash everything up to this point as it can be located by trolling my profile. I have been suggesting over the last couple of months that she...
  7. Lostinlongwood

    Slowly opening her up to things

    I found this site back in August and have posted our story to date. In a nutshell, we are dealing with a dwindling sex life and menopause. In our struggles with the life change, I have been opening up to her with some things I would like us to try to spice things (hotwifing and perhaps mild...