The Journey Begins


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Feb 11, 2018
I'm a new Hotwife but I won't really consider myself one until tonight when I'm taking a nicely sized cock with my wonderful husband taking pictures and recording bit for our future perusal.It's the second extra-marital dick to enter my wet eager puss. The first time I was rather tipsy on cider and my hubby was plastered on liquor. We barely could believe I was about to get fucked by a random guy I thought was cute at a concert. Still having Difficulty. But I think after talking to this other guy for a few months online, I am pretty sure he's gonna seem real. Every inch of him. *I'm so excited by it, that I sometimes find it strange that I grew up so sheltered and my husband took a long time to consider looking at other guys.He did it by showing me videos of girls sucking dicks at gloryholes and suggesting that maybe I try that first.
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