Aug 28, 2017
Hi just want to let fellow cucks out there I had a tressome with my wife & best friend he went in bare & we said before don’t cum inside her but to my surprise when he went to pull out my wife wrapped her legs around him & took his full load now everytime we have sex she talks about his cum & cock just wondering anybody out there it’s happened to!!
Sep 7, 2018
nice you want to do it again? did your wife enjoyed it?
They are two good questions to ask when i asked my wife first time sharing her will you do it again Answer was if it was fine with me and no regrets or ill feelings then yes.Were you enjoying having another mans cock in you as i watched ?At the start i was nervous and kept looking at your expressions once i realized you liked what was happening i felt at ease yes i did enjoy him not knowing what he was going to do next excited me even more