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    I absolutely LOVE to watch my wife get fucked, and feel amazing. It is one of the most incredible feelings I think I have ever exposed, and let out. See, my wife is truly beautiful. No kidding, I know this is thrown around like candy at a parade, but she really is. Part of this obsession is sitting back, seeing her legs up, or on all fours, and enjoying pure euphoric, erotic, pleasure. Part of this for me is how amazing it feels to be inside her, and in turn, how she make the other man feel once he releases.

    Here's the challenge. I really really love protecting my wife, and the only thing i really want is for her to feel amazing. Giving others to her is erotic, mysterious, and in turn make the mind wander to realms of pure ecstasy. The goal, right? Recently I started struggling with one aspect. I want to watch them release their cum inside her. When finished, examine, get up close and smell and taste.

    I struggle becasue, despite my desire to share her, I am extremely well-endowed, and very good at pleasing her (just ask! :) - but something about an orgasm. An orgasm inside of her, turn me on beyond belief. And in order to connect myself to the situation, I want to taste her after.

    Know this, I am in no way sexually attracted to men, nor do I ever fantasize about being with a man - but seeing a cock go into my wife and release, is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I can truly appreciate a "a nice cock" and so long as it is making everyone feel incredible, I am in Heaven.

    Battling with the idea of another cock being interesting.
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