Wife Cheated


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Apr 9, 2021
I just found this site looking around on the web. It I guess I fit here. I'm going to post some about my wife Amy that cheating. She just told me about what she did. It's something I guess that she did over a year ago. But she said that she had to tell me about it. Just so everyone know my wife Amy here's some pics of her:

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The company that she works for has her travel alot. Well I just on one of her company trip's that she had to take to go to a conference, she ended up meeting two guys from another company. After the meeting's that day these two guys offered her to take her out to dinner and some drinks. She went with the to dinner and came back to the hotel bar with them. From what she said is that they that they keep the drinks coming, and she did smoke some weed with them also. They asked her if she wanted party alittle up in their hotel room and she agreed and went with them. After that she ended up in their room having unprotected sex with both of them.

One thing about all this is I not mad at her or anything, and it was over a year ago and glad that she told me. On weird thing is after thinking about what she did with two guys sorta turns me on some. Just thinking about how she was with them that night, how maybe they had her, just seem so hot. Something though as these years I would have never thought that my wife would do.


Jan 1, 2022
Quick post. Stepped outside for a sec to have a smoke. Place is packed, nice place with nice people, played some myself with another lady. Was with Amy for some time till some guy's took her to some private rooms upstairs. Went to check on her and saw from the doorway that she was laying on a round bed with some guys around her. I could see that she was naked and she had her feet in the air.
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