best friend

  1. M

    Introduction to my cuckold summer

    *logged out*
  2. F

    Fucking best friends wife

    It’s been on going for 8 years. I have a wife of my own. I love fucking her and have some pic. We are mostly private because the less evidence the better. But fucking taboo pussy is the best
  3. MommyLovesOral

    Wife teasing best friend leads to dirty Snapchats

    I’ll tell the story of the first time my wife hooked up with someone else, how it led from years of “innocent” teasing to her gagging on his cock and me watching it on Snapchat at work. My wife is a little older than me & experienced. Specifically she gives head like a Pornstar and has always...
  4. Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wifey let a friend fuck her face while I filmed the action as a birthday gift for his 40th. He seemed to enjoy himself :)
  5. up2 (1).jpg

    up2 (1).jpg

    Love seeing that ass with the tiny waste. My best friend was lucky enough to fuck her for an entire summer when she was 17 and would talk about how good she looked doing doggie for years after. Her and I talking about them fucking is what started this entire fantasy.

    My friend’s girlfriend!

    Hi everyone, I’m their bull since 2020 and she is serving me every weekend. She is a submissive and my friend is a good boi 😉 we did a lot of things and now they wanted to go one step forward so They agreed to share this little slut with wonderful members of this web site :) due to you...
  7. S

    Girlfriend with best friend fantasy

    Ever since I lived with my best friend and heard him fucking this girl, I would have this fantasy of me coming home and finding him fucking my girlfriend. I would walk in, hear pounding and think it was just him fucking some new girl. But then, while I am listening outside the door, I would hear...
  8. hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

    hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

    this is me filming my married friend while he gets ready to release himself in my slutty wife for his baby she wants!
  9. IMG_20190630_202004.jpg


    my wife is fascinated by this white stallion and prepares it with her mouth, today is a special day! he wants him inside without barriers, he wants his warm seed
  10. S

    The next & MORE intimate encounter (second encounter)

    The first time we shared her can be found here Shay's second time We officially had our second encounter last weekend. I was starting to get concerned that the whole thing was going to be a one-off, as we had...
  11. Big Black Cock Lover Sends Sex Video to Cuckold Husband

    Big Black Cock Lover Sends Sex Video to Cuckold Husband

    What could be more exciting than verifying your suspicions about your wife? For weeks I suspected that my wife was unfaithful to me. There were multiple signs that my wife had a sexual lover. To my great surprise, I discovered who it was and after a very interesting deal I got the video.
  12. Fucks a young beautiful girl of his friend.mp4

    Fucks a young beautiful girl of his friend.mp4

  13. Bi couple persuaded her friend to try with them.mp4

    Bi couple persuaded her friend to try with them.mp4

  14. M

    Shared from the my first experience thread!

    My wife jumps on my best friend's cock to ride him.
  15. M

    Would anyone share their pregnant wife?

    Would you guys consider doing this with a pregnant wife and a very close friend? Do you think it's too intimate at this time or is it even more intense and hot??? Obviously a creampie is safe at that stage!
  16. M

    Who's cock is who's??

    For the ladies I'm curious which cock you prefer to fuck you??? One is mine and the other my best friends! I'll say which one is which later. Perhaps you can state what you'd like to get from either one?? I might have photos of that action from one or both of us?!
  17. M

    Best friend's wife!

    Anyone out there ever had sex with their best friend's wife? If so what does that feel like??? I have shared my wife with my high school best mate a few times now but the last time was a couple years back now! My friend still can't even get a serious GF so I imagine he still fantasize about my...
  18. M

    Share Wife with one person only?

    Does anyone else have the fantasy of sharing or watching the wife with one particular person?? For me that one person is my high school best friend! I'm completely straight so this isn't a gay thing. I get so turned on by just the thought of them playing that I can't control myself!! However...
  19. M

    My first experience!

    *** NEED ADVICE*** How do I get my wife to fuck my best friend again?!?! There has been a 3.5yr gap since the last time and I'm dying for more! I'll post the full story up shortly as it's quite long and I need to write it all out. It will take a while to write the whole thing out so I thought...
  20. uk_ex

    Old cuckold, but new to this forum

    Hi, I am an early 60's UK guy, who was cuckolded by my wife in the 1980's - so no internet forums to share experiences at the time. We are still happily married. Our divorced best friend, started stroking and petting her, and she asked me if she could have him - to my surprise I found it...