Would anyone share their pregnant wife?

Aug 26, 2017
This was a bedroom fantasy we played out several times when my wife was pregnant, but we never actually realized it. It always got her very hot. I had an affair with a pregnant woman, but she was not "shared" in the sense that her husband knew about it. It was an intense experience, as her husband had stopped having sex with her, so her desire was high, from neglect and anger.


Go for it - my wife was shagging her Bull the entire pregnancy which was great as no need protection which meant she always came home with a creampie. Also given her sex drive went up her Bull was pleased as he ended up shagging her 3 to 4 times a week.


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Jul 24, 2017
As long as everyone is very clean this can be a hugely beautiful experience for all parties involved. We had found a couple that was 7 months pregnant who actually had a lot of trouble finding people to play with once the pregnancy was revealed. The female half was very upset about that. Admittedly, I (male half) was a bit uneasy about it at first but the Mrs. encouraged me to reconsider. We went through extensive testing to prove we were all clean. Finally, when we met it was a seriously wonderful time! It is a little challenging to manage the belly at that point but well worth the effort. The other woman was relaxed, at ease, and so turned on that she really enjoyed herself. It felt really amazing to make her day ;-)
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I worked with this girl i always kinda wanted to fuck. Never happend then years later she moved acriss the country, got pregnant. Her and the father were having issues so she moved back home. I reconnected with her on facebook and told her i always wanted to fuck her. She wasnt super far along just a few months. She ended up moving back with the father and making it work. Now i see pics of them on facebook and its kinda interesting knowing I fucked her with the now living breathing child about 3 years old on facebook.
Dec 1, 2017
This is an interesting thread! Ben and I are looking to get pregnant soon and we do share. Ben is not a cuckold nor are we into humiliating acts, but neither of us sees it as a big deal whose genes are in our kids. Adopted kids after all are not genetically their parents who raise them. As long as everyone is clear and consenting we don't mind. Besides, the hormones in semen are great for our "female issues." (source....our Biology M.S.)
May 4, 2018
Would you guys consider doing this with a pregnant wife and a very close friend?
Do you think it's too intimate at this time or is it even more intense and hot???
Obviously a creampie is safe at that stage!
I never have but i think if her and her husband are into it i think i would like it..i loved fucking my wife when she was pregnant,, her pussy was so wet...and hott


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Oct 18, 2018
I love pregnant pussy. Toward the end it is so soft and tender. You just take it easy and make love to it so you don't damage it. Once my wife wanted it and a short time later she woke me up saying she was in labor and less than 3 hours later she was holding our new son in her arms.
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