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  1. sharemywifewithyou

    my hot asian wife as your sextoy

    hi, since a while i have this fantasy to share my wife with other guys. can you give me some advice and help me getting her prepared for this? i will give you a quick introduction in our sex life and what my targets is. we are together since over 7 years and first meet in a bar. my friend was...
  2. K

    Wife selfie

    She did a selfie for you, like?
  3. M

    Do you prefer to watch or do you....

    Just wondering if most the cucks out there prefer to only watch your wife get fucked hard or do you like to join in and make it a threesome?? Perhaps your wife only lets you watch as an even bigger tease? Personally there's something about my wife lusting over my best friend that drives me...
  4. cuckoldinhiding34

    New to the group. Check out my wife

    Check out my wife and let me know what you think.
  5. M

    Shared from the my first experience thread!

    My wife jumps on my best friend's cock to ride him bareback!!! This was from the last time they fucked!! She loves dominating a guy on top!!
  6. M

    Would anyone share their pregnant wife?

    Would you guys consider doing this with a pregnant wife and a very close friend? Do you think it's too intimate at this time or is it even more intense and hot??? Obviously a creampie is safe at that stage!
  7. M

    Share Wife with one person only?

    Does anyone else have the fantasy of sharing or watching the wife with one particular person?? For me that one person is my high school best friend! I'm completely straight so this isn't a gay thing. I get so turned on by just the thought of them playing that I can't control myself!! However...
  8. D

    Help me share my wife!

    I want to share my wife so that she can enhoy all size and color cocks inside her. She has a gorgeous bubble butt i know men would fuck her bent over! If you want to share wife pics comment!
  9. kaboobie

    Sharing my wife

  10. R

    Cum get me, hubby has agreed to my birthday wish. X

    Hubby wants to share me xxx by Reddoor posted Sep 26, 2016 at 9:26 PM