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  1. T

    Potential first time letting my wife fuck another man...and hes our boss

    So ive been trying to get my wife to sleep with another man for a while now, and it finally seems like its going to happen. We both started a new job this month, working together actually. I noticed my boss, a fit, somewhat older (we're in our 20s he's probably mid to late 30s at youngest) was...
  2. Suguru

    My boss want my 36 yr shy wife...

    I am 39 years old Japanese married to Miyuki. She is a mother of 2 and HS teacher. She is 3 years younger than me. She is a good mother and very shy. My boss has a crash on my wife for years and always ask me to threesome. I never want any other men sleeping my wife. She is my love since...