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    Finally our First Experience!

    Hi Everyone, I'm excited to share my first real experience with you and Sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language. I've always fantasied about sharing my wife(Mina), but we never have the chance to actually do it. My wife was aware of this and she was always flirty with strangers...
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    Let my wife fuck her ex boss

    I thought it would be hot for my wife to fuck her ex boss, she was hesitant but decided to do it while I was at work and I got some hot pictures. I love how he came so much on her ass.
  6. naturalcucky

    I wish my wife had such a lover!

    My wife would have an elderly single boss. My wife work for him so he use it whenever he wanted. He come to us spontaneously whenever he want. My wife and I do whatever he wants. He would be a kinky, imaginative man. My wife would do anything for him like a hooker because her salary would be...
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    Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses

    Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses Note: Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses is a story of a woman who experiences the pleasures and frustrations of being a Hot-wife who loves Big Black Cock. It also looks at the desperation that her “husband” must endure as she is...
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  9. M

    My Wife, Carol

    So, Carol and I got married in 2003, when I was 36 and she was 33. We both agree that we have a good marriage, and we've been married almost 17 years. I actually consider her to be more in her prime now that she's just about 50. To me she looks more beautiful every day. The only thing is that...
  10. T

    Potential first time letting my wife fuck another man...and hes our boss

    So ive been trying to get my wife to sleep with another man for a while now, and it finally seems like its going to happen. We both started a new job this month, working together actually. I noticed my boss, a fit, somewhat older (we're in our 20s he's probably mid to late 30s at youngest) was...
  11. Suguru

    My wife miyuki has moved.