1. Your chariot awaits you😈😈😈

    Your chariot awaits you😈😈😈

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    BBC breeding
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    27 years Bull in Argentina looking to breed your wife with my seed

    I'm a 27 years old male in Argentina, I want to breed for couples who will love and raise the children as their own, not just have a kink, and help those who can't have children because they are steryle. I'm looking to do it the next 02 of January till the 12, so if you can travel to Argentina...
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    27 years old Bull from Argentina, I want to breed a Japanese woman

    Howdy! Im from Argentina, so I hope you can travel, I will host you! I work as a police firefighter, I like to play the guitar and draw. As long as I can remember, I was caught by Japanese culture and the humble and respectful ways of living there. I practiced Karate for some years and learned...
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    I asked chat gpt why Big Balls are better - This is what it said

    In an attempt to explain to others why having big balls is really a very good thing to have I asked chat gpt what the advantages of having big balls can bring. Why did I do this, you might ask? Well, I feel there is a very low amount of love that big balls get, and as a bull who has big balls, I...
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    India Bull For Breed and cuckold Session For Couples

    Hi all. I'm professional and very experienced in all aspects of escorting ,BULL whether it be your first experience or you are seasoned in using the services of an escort. I can facilitate everything from sensual, passionate and vanilla through to fore-filling your deepest wildest fantasies. I...
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    wwyd to my gf

    i wanna watch her get fucked so bad
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    India professional playboy bull looking Cuck couples and Divorced Mommy's

    Hello and welcome Dear and thank you for visit at my profile. Well Hello there.i m 34 yr old well mannered cool fun loving Mature Gigolo ,Bull,PlayBoy and Breeder 175cm tall ,60 kg guy From India at Uttrakhand Rishikesh. Where you can visit and try my service with 100%satisfaction. I m a Sexy...
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    Gangbang breeding

    My husband wants 10 hung guys to force my pussy and breed me , he wants to go last
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    Hello everyone. I m sameerdewan from India I m 34 yr old 175 cm tall avrage build Mature Bull For Cuckold couples and Single Ladies
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    Your view if you breed my wife...would you?
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    Breeding Cock

    I'm a BBC. Anyone interested in me breeding thier woman should indicate and PM. I'm very fertile.
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    My no limit slut wife Kerstin

    tell us how you finish them
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    Big Indian Dick For your wife (available in India)

    Hi I m sameerdewan from India an independent FWB play boy bull breeder for any age ladies I m 5+ experience in this field and I have some genuine and satisfied clients. You can contact me For any kind of service without m4m.
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  18. hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

    hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

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    My Wife, 25, North Carolina

    She's only ever been with me. Would give literally anything to have her blacked.
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    Anybody's wife interested for breed

    Hi m Indian Bull from India.