1. EssexCuckCouple

    My wife’s going to her first swingers club with a mf couple

    My wife started swinging in 2020 she had a lot of meets and then for 6 months she stopped. This year she’s decided to swing full time and meet as much as she can. She usually meets with a mf couple ever other Saturday evening. One couple she’s met with has invited her to a club in May and she...
  2. T

    Starting with FFM

    Recently I asked my gf if she would be curious to do a threesome and she said she’s always wanted to try fucking a woman, but also that she thinks being double penetrated is hot. we were tipsy so I don’t know how serious she was, but I’m starting to explore ways of finding someone for us. After...
  3. One Hot Night Somewhere in Vegas

    One Hot Night Somewhere in Vegas

    The video is extra hot yet short. But what a great pic!
  4. Im new here Couple of me an wife

    Im new here Couple of me an wife

    Wife an I houston tx
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  6. rnj100

    Bbc& busty blonde seeking bisexual women

    Hello, Married couple, looking for new, experiences, friends and adventures. We are looking for bisexual and straight, single, married, females, slut wives, hot wives, and couples with (straight male and bi female). NO SINGLE MEN!!! Husband is 38, African American, straight, 6'2 , 225, 8inch...
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    Football Camp III

    I had thought Thursday morning would be similar to Wednesday; however, I woke up feeling the bed rocking back and forth and hearing the slapping of JDs balls against Sarah’s pussy. At some point, JD came in the room and started to fuck Sarah right beside me in the bed. I slid over and watched...
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    elegant, bi , kinky female loves to play with your girlfriend

    I am a BI , kinky, female from Europe and i love to play WIth couples. Your first time? Fine with me.. We meet in your Hotel room in Manhattan, we start with a cool drink and than i will Massage your girlfriend very slow and sensual. And kiss her all oder her body and than i go down in her. You...