Jun 14, 2019
Washington D.C.
I had thought Thursday morning would be similar to Wednesday; however, I woke up feeling the bed rocking back and forth and hearing the slapping of JDs balls against Sarah’s pussy. At some point, JD came in the room and started to fuck Sarah right beside me in the bed. I slid over and watched them fuck. Sarah looked over and kissed me while JD was fucking her. “You like watching him fuck me baby. His dick stretches me out so good baby. He’s going to cum in your pussy.” JD fucked her a good five more minutes then nutted in my wife. I watched as he grunted and then collapsed on top of her. I was surprised when he said, “oh baby that pussy is so tight”. I hadn’t realized he had started to call her baby. I just smiled at Sarah then got up to go shower. As I was walking out of the room after my shower, I noticed she was on her knees blowing JD. I headed to work with a raging hard on.

Sarah and I text about it all day at work. We discussed what we were going to do for JD tonight as it was his last night with us. After a couple of hours of talking about how naughty we were going to be later, I had to shut my office door and jerk off at work. We had decided what to do by lunch, so I went home to prepare.

We had purchased several “spy” cameras for our sex life and home security previously. I set a couple of the cameras up around our bedroom and ensure they would have enough battery and a good angle of the bed. I then prepared the basement so that I could watch it all from the computer and our in-home security system. The babysitter, Emily, that sits for us occasionally lives a couple of miles away and is a freak. She is 20 years old with long red hair and amazing titts. Her ass isn’t as nice as Sarah’s but she makes up for it in eagerness. Sarah and I have slept with her several times, but for tonight we wanted her to be a present for JD. I brought Emily to the house and left her in the bedroom to prepare. She was initially dressed in a sexy skirt and tight fitting top. I went to the basement and waited for my wife to arrive home.

I heard Sarah and JD coming home around four. I watched on the camera as JD walked into the bedroom and could see the surprise on his face. He was smiling from ear to ear. Emily crawled over to him and unzipped his jeans. She pulled out his dick and immediately engulfed it. Sarah was undressing herself while kissing him on the neck and running her hands over his body. Emily let go of his now hard cock and laid back on the bed with her legs spread. She was wearing crotchless panties with the stockings that connect and a fantastic red bra. Sarah slid beside Emily and began playing with her nipples while kissing her. JD stood in awe watching as they caressed each other. As he moved closer, Sarah began stroking his dick with one hand while rubbing Emily’s clit with the other. I watched amazed as Sarah guided JDs dick to Emily’s pussy lips and slid him into her. Sarah played with Emily’s clit as JD fucked her and it didn’t take long for Emily to cum. She wrapped her legs around JD and was trying to pull him into her as much as she could. As soon as Emily let her body collapse to the bed, Sarah whispered something to JD and he pulled out of Emily.

Sarah had JD lay back on the bed and she mounted him reverse cowgirl. She started to slowly ride him just enjoying his large dick. Emily crouched down and began licking Sarah’s clit and JDs cock at the same time. I had been in the position before and knew how amazing the feeling was. Emily took JDs balls into her mouth as Sarah rode him. I was trying to see as much as I could, but the camera only showed one angle. Even with my limited view, I was stroking myself watching my wife ride my best friends’ son while our babysitter licked his balls and her clit. Sarah pulled off of JD so she could turn around. While she was adjusting, Emily took his full length into her mouth trying to deepthroat him. Sarah bent over to kiss JD and Emily guided his cock to her pussy. Sarah began riding JD hard, doing the thing where she slides the full length dropping down hard to feel her clit bounce off his dick. JD was holding her by the hips and pulling her into him while Emily sat in the chair in the corner playing with her clit. It seemed like JD and Sarah came at almost the same time with JD pushing up into her and Sarah collapsing on his chest. Sarah pulled off of JD and laid beside him panting. Emily got up and began cleaning JDs dick clean. Once she was done, she then focused on Sarah by licking her pussy clean. It was amazing watching Emily clean out all of JDs cum from my wife’s pussy. I had already cum once and was sitting with my limp sticky dick in my hand watching.

JD was a beast, because by the time Emily seemed done eating Sarah’s pussy he was stroking himself until he was hard again. He got behind Emily and pushed her hard down on top of Sarah and entered her from behind. I saw her smile and turn back to say something to JD when he wrapped some of her hair in his hand. He was fucking her so hard and Sarah smiled up at the camera looking straight at me. JD fucked Emily for at least ten to fifteen minutes until he came again. He pulled out and collapsed in the chair in the corner. Emily laid back on the bed and Sarah took her turn eating Emily’s pussy. I watched, while getting hard again, as Emily ran her fingers through my wife’s hair. I saw as Emily pulled her head back and moaned cumming from my wife’s tongue. Once Emily came, all three of them laid on the bed exhausted. I sat in the basement slowly stroking my cock again. I wasn’t sure what else was going to happen.

After about five minutes, Emily began to get dressed then she kissed Sarah and JD and walked out. I could hear her as she opened the basement door and came down the stairs. She smiled as she walked to me swaying her hips back and forth. “You like what you saw?” She straddled my lap in her skirt with the crotchless panties. She began rubbing her pussy against my dick. Not enough for me to enter her but just enough so I could feel my cock parting her pussy lips. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips slipping her tongue in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness on her tongue. She leaned forward and whispered, “Sarah says that’s the taste of JDs cum on my lips.” I was going crazy. Emily got up and straightened her skirt then said she was going to take an Uber home. I looked back up at the screen as I heard the basement door close and saw Sarah was motioning for me to come into the bedroom.

When I walked into the bedroom, I saw JD was sitting in the chair stroking his cock again. Sarah said we were going to play the game I like. I knew what this meant so I took my clothes off and positioned myself on the center of the bed with my back against the headboard. Sarah laid against me with her back against my chest. I began playing with her breasts and running my hands across her body and kissing her neck. JD walked over slowly stroking his dick he scooted against Sarah with his dick just inches from her pussy. I reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart as he slid his massive cock inside of her. From my view, I could see his dick as every inch entered her. She leaned her head back and whispered, “baby his dick fills me up so much. I’m going to have him fuck me all night while you sleep.” She could feel me get hard as she kept telling me how good he was making her feel. JD even got into, “you like watching me fuck your wife don’t you. She loves this dick. I bet you wish you could fuck her like this.” I was crazy watching his cock enter my wife. His dark black dick sliding in and out of her pussy and hearing his balls slap against her ass. Every time she rocked back against me from him fucking her my dick was rubbing against her back. I couldn’t help it and I started to beg, “please cum in my wife. Please JD cum in my wife’s pussy and then use her all night. Use my wife as your whore.” I could see it was doing a number on him and her because he started to thrust faster and I saw his face begin to change as I knew he was going to cum any second. I felt Sarah orgasming as she was squeezing her nipple and JD was fucking her. I looked down and saw cum leaking from her pussy as JD began to cum. That drove me over the edge and I felt the familiar tingling beginning in my balls then the eruption as I came with them fucking on me. JD kept thrusting for a little while then sat back on the bed. I slid out from Sarah and told him thank you.

I showered then went and laid on the couch with a blanket and pillow. As I was starting to drift off to sleep, I heard them going at it again. I don’t know how many times they fucked that night, but it was well worth it.
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