1. J

    Found out my fiancé is a slut, what should I do now?

    New poster here desperately seeking advice. I recently found out my fiancé is a pretty big slut. I’ll keep this short and to the point. I started working a bunch of OT about six months ago to pay for a ring and save for a house (and I’m in one of the few jobs that actually got busier when...
  2. btweets

    Is that her??

    Has anyone else found or seen your wife, fiancé or gf whether in the past or present, naked, flashing, sucking or fucking someone on any porn sites?
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  4. R

    Fiancé looking for fun in Orange County, CA

    Orange County - Two 26 year olds - getting married in a few months. Looking for fun couples or males ages 25-35 to have some fun. New to this! Turn ons: dominant male, tall, Caucasian, and brunette.