first cuck

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    I believe that once this starts this would get out of control from my Hands
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    2018 first bull
  3. MrsG


    2018 first bull
  4. S

    Maybe this weekend?

    So, excitedly, after a very long time of discussing it, my wife might be in. This weekend she has a big work event and there is a guy that she has openly told me she finds hot. He has also messaged her previously and he is known for no strings sex: For the last two nights she has asked me to go...
  5. M

    Need some help persuading my gf

    So I really wanna watch my gf get fucked by her first big cock I’m talking on the minimal 8” to 10” thick manly dick she’s never had anything near that. And I’m bed when we play I bring it up about how much it pleases me the thought of her get fucked real good. But she gets all out of the mood...
  6. C

    How to get her involved

    Hi guys So I’m new to this page. In Ireland. Soon to be married to my fiancé. I’m obsessed with cuckold porn recently and imagine that it’s her. She’s a beautiful woman and has a dirty mind and is dirty in bed too. Unbelievably good at deep throat and can squirt for days. Basically I want to...