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  1. phoenix98186

    Halloween Whore II

    My wife and I were at a Halloween party and she had already taken a couple of guys. This is the second part of the story as this site has a max character count I had to split the store up. She told me to get back in the closet. Right as I sat back down I looked through the closet door and...
  2. phoenix98186

    Football Camp

    She is 30, 5’6’’ about 135lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. A friend from college called me to let me know his son would be attending a football camp close to where we live in Washington DC. He...
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  4. Hotwife fucked by husband and his friend.mp4

    Hotwife fucked by husband and his friend.mp4

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    Hello! Please be good to me...

    Just exploring this site for further knowledge and finding a nice partner for my wife having fun with another man while I watch... I'll let you play with mine if you'll let me play with your's... #pleaserespectpost