1. T

    South Asian women and couples in London

    I’m a Young black guy based in London Have a kink for brown women in general but especially hijabis and south asians. seems there’s not many of them on this site though
  2. M

    Looking for a couple London

    Hey, I’ve been here for a couple years now and met and talked and shared with some incredible people. It really is quite the community and I love it. But also I’ve been eager to meet a London hotwife/cuck based couple and I haven’t 😢 I really want to meet a couple to take a journey with, to...
  3. G


  4. N

    Hijabi wife london need regular bull

    Hi we are a Muslim couple looking for a Dom bi bull for regular encounters, message us if interested
  5. L

    Looking for bulls in London

    Hotwife Cuckold couple looking for Bulls in London to play with. We also play at sex parties in London but want to focus more on this lifestyle and more regular meets with a bull we connect with. We are in our early 30’s, attractive, clean and respectful.
  6. Phinchy23

    SPH & WNBR

    I've been told that I am to do at least one stage of the World Naked Bike Ride this year. Wife and her bull are going to drop me at the start venue ( one of the London ones) and will pick me up at the end. They intend to drop me early so everyone gets a good viewing, before the ride starts...
  7. R

    I have convinced wifes before and want to do it more

    Hi All, I am a london UK based bull and I have convinced several wives before and turned her into my regular hotwife. I would be happy to turn your wife into my sub but you will need to be happy for me to contact her. Message me if you want me to turn your wife into a hotwife
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    Oiled up…
  9. 3D8D1BEB-77DF-4F0A-A31D-C6FFA90733FA.jpeg


    Wanna taste?
  10. 49710C8D-5BAF-4CCB-B523-7C893EF172D7.jpeg


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    Perfect for cuckholding?
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    What do you think?
  14. B3989659-146F-411C-AE36-82EEA70F7456.png


    BBC for a Hotwife
  15. S

    Show off your wife/girlfriend to my young BWC

    Hey, London based bull here looking to get off to your beautiful wife/girlfriend (can send pics back if requested). Any pictures and videos are welcome! If you happen to be UK based, let me know and we could possible take this further than just messaging...
  16. S

    Young London BWC

    Looking for couples/females in and around the area who could make use of my BWC. Feel free to reach out, looking forward to getting know you. Got plenty of pics and vids if you like what you see...
  17. M

    London couple

    Couple 27m 25f looking for a bull in london. Write in private
  18. cuckoldvanessa

    Cuckold story - my sub love to watch me with 2 guys

    My sub arranged two guys for me. This time he loves to watch me get pleased from two hot bulls. Both guys were around 25 years old, hot - with a six pack and ready to fuck me. He loves to watch me - how i have an orgasm and get fucked...He arranged a nice hotel suite in london... I knocked on...
  19. L

    Stag/Vixen couple from London, looking for threesome

    Hi there, we are a couple 42M and 52F looking for a man (BWC) or a woman to meet for MMF or MFF threesome in SE London. The man must be: educated and respectful conscious of his role ok with safe sex (condom is a must during penetration) aged 38+ with good stamina and well hung The woman must...
  20. D

    London - Cuck Seeking fit bull for GF (petite 21 yo)

    GF and I have discussed a lot the stranger scenario (threesome), which we haven’t tried yet but when we play together or she plays alone with a toy, we refer to that as the stranger and she loves it. Anyway, she had a brief sting trying a cam site and it turned me on a lot seeing her chatting...