1. Sextoyandmaster

    Sex Therapist in Training

    My mynx is a sex therapist in training. I help her in overcoming boundaries - to fully let go and open up beyond conceptuality - allowing full flow connection from the stream of energy in erotic intimacy with her 'seekers' (the men attracted to divine loving through her unconditional essence)...
  2. my love.jpeg

    my love.jpeg

  3. R

    Looking for a cuckold coach/advice/tips

    Hi there. I'm a 23 year old dude from the UK. I'm seeking any advice/tips or even long term coaching on a situation I currently find myself in. My girlfriend is getting close with a guy she used to have a 'thing' with and I want something to happen between them again. A little context - They...
  4. C

    Have you ever willingly fucked someone who is in a relationship?

    This is something I have always been curious about, as I have only been on the other side of things. (Someone else fucking my girlfriend) How does it feel to fuck someone who is committed and faithful to someone else? Is it empowering? Do you regret it afterwards? Have you ever reached out to...
  5. C

    Worst date ever

    I have been with my girlfriend for 8 years now and this is still a night I will never truly be able to shake off. For better, and for worse. It was pretty early into our relationship. I would say just over a year in. My girlfriend had been eyeing up this Indie bar for a while now. Not my type...
  6. C

    Am I a cuck?

    Always been curious about this, so I thought I would make this my first post. If you stay in a relationship that has dealt with infidelity in the past (and you are aware of it) does it make you an unintentional cuck? Thanks!
  7. C

    Hello there!

    Hi everyone :) I'm a 28 year old dude from the U.K and have been with my girlfriend for just over 8 years now. My cuckold kink started from my girlfriend cheating on me pretty early into our relationship. Despite it hurting a lot at the time, I eventually forgave her, and as the years went by...
  8. C

    Accidental cuckold

    Hi! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this, or if it technically counts as a cuckold or not? (Given that I am on this site, it probably is, lol) Me and my girlfriend are white British. She cheated on me with an Indian dude a couple of years into our relationship. I don't see...
  9. C

    Newbie here!

    Hi there, I'm a 25 year old guy from the U.K. I'm in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend (also 25)
  10. Yes cum in me

    Yes cum in me

    Invited this nice man over to make hot love to me in front of my husband and give me his hot seed
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  12. FullSizeRender.MOV


    Do you like it?
  13. lazyafternon01

    I’m not who I used to be

    Is there any other guys like this. I don’t wanna make this about depression but it is a little bit but that’s beside the point. Back before I had this desire to see my wife fucked I was a jealous person. That all changed when we found out I was sterile. I was devastated felt worthless. That’s...
  14. F

    I think im in love

  15. 20220419_134055 (1).jpg

    20220419_134055 (1).jpg

  16. Kevboy1690

    Wife her Ex and me

    To set the scene, me and my wife have been together since high school, childhood sweethearts if you like ive always loved her and always will. We did split up for a few years in our early 20s due to being too serious too young and both of us needing to experience life on our own. During this...
  17. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Very intense sex with my husband
  18. She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves to show me how much she adores who I am, just as much as I love to show her. We’re both two souls intertwined as one.
  19. L

    Husband don't know!

    Hubby will never know... ...about my new outfit!