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    How We Met and How We Are

    We're a young couple, 31 and 28. We've been living in Europe for a couple of years now and we're from Bangladesh. We've been married for just over two years. She's still studying and working, and I'm working now. We're just a little curious about these things therefore here. We had only known...
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    After a long wait it’s happened!

    Firstly for anyone tempted, I’m not giving out names, not sharing pictures, save yourself the trouble sending DM’s requesting them lol… So last night my Gorgeous wife officially became a Shared wife, after a two-three year search we finally found a decent guy on fab that was a complete pleasure...
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    We finally used a dildo, but not on her + Amber light for MMF.

    I've posted previously about how my wife gave a hard no on using a dildo, though with a slight softening in a later conversation. Anyway, we were playing last night in the manner we've become accustomed - I went down on her, used my fingers and she broke out her wand vibrator. For some reason...
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    First post sharing 😊

    Newbie couple to sharing. Hope you guys like our first pic. Hopefully more to come. Would love to know what you think 😊