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    Rate my cock please, 6 inch soft, 8 when engorged
  2. P

    Have you changed your opinion on whether size matters? If so, why?

    Question for the ladies, has your view on the importance of penis size changed over the years and if so, what was it that changed your mind?
  3. P

    Gentle teasing about penis size from my wife

    We have this old phone at home that doesn't charge very well - you have to fiddle around with it when you insert the charger. We keep it by the bed to use for a white noise filter. So anyway, my wife is lying across my stomach plugging it in last night and while I'm stroking her butt she says...
  4. P

    We finally used a dildo, but not on her + Amber light for MMF.

    I've posted previously about how my wife gave a hard no on using a dildo, though with a slight softening in a later conversation. Anyway, we were playing last night in the manner we've become accustomed - I went down on her, used my fingers and she broke out her wand vibrator. For some reason...
  5. P

    Do big cocks last longer?

    I have a theory heavily influenced by my predilection for size humiliation. I refer to the below article which arouses me more than any porn - a women's magazine effectively saying size counts while providing a big cock user guide for their readers...
  6. B

    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    What are the chances you have the biggest cock she's ever had? Put in your size and see your results: Thought this was an interesting tool that this forum might appreciate. After entering your measurements it shows you comparison to the average dick, world...
  7. B

    Cucks, what is the size of your penis? [LENGTH -POLL]

    Curious about the size of cuckolds on this forum. What is the size (length) of your cock?
  8. MillieVanilla

    Just recently learnt there are names for this...

    It is only over the past year that we discovered online; cuckolding, hotwifing, stag & vixen etc. We are both open minded and my libido, sex-drive or whatever you want to call it, is very strong. Much stronger than my husbands and I tend to get my way especially if it is something I really want...
  9. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

  10. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Very intense sex with my husband
  11. I caught him sleeping!

    I caught him sleeping!

    My hubby deep in sleep. Time to jump on him!