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    any ladies who want this bareback?
  2. M

    Happy monday :)

    Happy monday haven't posted in a while here some new pics of my slutwife pregnant by bull hope you guys enjoy
  3. A

    27 years Bull in Argentina looking to breed your wife with my seed

    I'm a 27 years old male in Argentina, I want to breed for couples who will love and raise the children as their own, not just have a kink, and help those who can't have children because they are steryle. I'm looking to do it the next 02 of January till the 12, so if you can travel to Argentina...
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    No no, it was an accident. I I just told you can't rip a condom just by fucking hard... its all lubed.. I was wrong thou
  5. Showering wife

    Showering wife

    My pregnat wife showering
  6. Windsorbull

    South Ontario bull

    I’m a 23 year old bull already have a satisfied couple with their child are you looking for a young bull to breed your girl message me and we can talk about it
  7. Windsorbull

    Breeding bull looking for women

    I’m a 23 year old bull already have a satisfied couple with their child are you looking for a young bull to breed your girl message me and we can talk about it
  8. Windsorbull

    Bull looking to get a girl pregnant

    I’m a 23 year old bull already have a satisfied couple with their child are you looking for a young bull to breed your girl message me and we can talk about it.
  9. Windsorbull

    Canadian bull introduction

    Hello, I’m from windsor Canada I’m am a bull and looking to hopefully get more women pregnant. Iv been a bull for about 5 years and I am 23. Been playing around with peoples girlfriends and wives since I was 18 and have had one child with a wife of a cuck and am looking to make more or find some...
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  11. m&mlsek21416

    my pregnant wife and bbc

    My wife is going to make me wait to cuck until after she delivers the baby and heals up. Delivery date is about 4 weeks from now and she agreed to let me share her almost a year ago after the whole pregnancy was over. Now that the delivery date is approaching and she’s really showing I just...
  12. Wife pregnant

    Wife pregnant

    Wife pregnant
  13. S


    Any geniune cuck couples from Scandivia? I know you are out there. Lets find each other
  14. B

    BWC Breeding Bull Will Travel in USA or Canada for Serious Cuck Couple

    Hello, I am seeking a cuckold/hotwife couple in the USA or Canada interested in getting pregnant from a bull. I am very real and serious. I am interested in QUALITY over quantity. I only want to do this with one couple. I am seeking serious couples only, so please be prepared to have a serious...
  15. M

    I'll help ur wife get pregnant

    Hello, are u want get a child i can help ur wife get pregnant, In past i had made my friend wife pregnant. They don't have a child for 10 years. So i helped them and made her pregnant twice not once. I have an experience with Stanger also and some tourists, I want to help any couples that want...
  16. B

    Real Breeding - Is it possible to find a couple into it?

    Looking for advice here. After 10+ years in the lifestyle I feel I've cracked the code in how to meet a great couple for an amazing connection. But there's one fantasy I've been unable to fulfill despite many years of searching. And all this time searching has only made that desire grow...
  17. 4

    Wealthy 31 year old man looking to impregnate someone's wife & provide ample financial support

    Completely serious. Will provide pictures (decent looking, hairy, masculine guy) and if we are on the same page after talking I'd love to fly your family down to where I live off of the coast of Southwest Florida. Well-endowed, respectful, and successful. I can be as involved or distant as you'd...
  18. B

    Indian Bull playboy looking couples (cuckold) and Single Ladies and girls

    Hi and welcome Dear beautiful ladies ,Girls ,and couples.i m sameerdewan from India 175cm tall hung well built Indian Bull,playboy for couples and Single Ladies and available for all types sexual pleasure like threesome or cuckold session,pregnancy or 1on1 sex and many more. Feel free plz...
  19. D

    unwanted first

    My wife and I are from conservative Christian backgrounds. We met at a Christian college, she was a sophomore 23years old and I was a 21yo freshman. She has always been a beautiful girl. curvy with a thin waist. We started dating shortly after we met. After about 3 months into dating I was...
  20. B

    Your first time? As a cuckold or bull.

    I'm a bull now but actually never expected to become one when I was in my teenage years. It all started after I was 18 years old. During my teen years, I was super horny. My GP has warned me about my above average testicle size and how it can impact my fertility and desire to mate, but I kinda...