1. D

    Question for the wives

    I have a question for a friend trying to get his wife to have a MFM threesome she likes the idea or it and it turns her on and she almost had one in college but how does he get her to fully go through with it he knows inside she probably still wants it but she’s conservative and religious so...
  2. C

    Have you ever willingly fucked someone who is in a relationship?

    This is something I have always been curious about, as I have only been on the other side of things. (Someone else fucking my girlfriend) How does it feel to fuck someone who is committed and faithful to someone else? Is it empowering? Do you regret it afterwards? Have you ever reached out to...
  3. Couple4MFM

    Question for BULLS: What do you think about a cuckold husband

    As a cuckold husband, my mind is filled with thoughts and ideas about each BULL or potential BULL we meet. But, the one question always on my mind is what does the BULL think or what are his feelings regarding me or the cuckold husband of the hotwife he is preparing to take? I am a submissive...
  4. C

    Am I making a mistake... again?

    Am I making a mistake again by allowing my wife to play with another man? Back in 2016 to 2019 we played on and off with five guys throughout those years and all those times I broke it off because of my guilt and shame. Quick backstory my wife did it for me and at though there was times she...
  5. Kev627

    It has gotten complicated

    A couple of months ago I responded to an advert on a contact site for a man to join a married couple for sex, the three of us messaged online for several weeks but then it was just me and Wife messaging and arranging our first meet. We met in a cafe, chatted for an hour and then went for a quiet...
  6. R

    What you do with it and when or how will it please you

    Hello beautiful woman
  7. W

    How many of your wife’s have been with a younger guy and what was the age difference?

    How many of your wife’s have been with a younger guy and what was the age difference? Just wondering because I think I want to explore my fantasies play some older woman and not someone my age like in this picture(was my ex)
  8. CoupleExploring

    30yo Couple Intersted in Exploring if Lifestyle is Right for Us

    Hi all, We don't really know how to do any of this so we'll just start. We are a both in our 30's and interested in exploring the lifestyle more in depth. We've talked with each other for about a year about being open to this and we decided we are and looking to now explore more in depth if...