1. A

    Expose your slutty wife here for us to rate out of 10 and tell you what we'd want to do to her!

    Are you feeling horny and naughty? Expose your wife so we can wank over her!:devilish:👿
  2. mellisaxx

    Guys pay for dick ratings?

    Was watching some podcast about girls on only fans and she mentioned how guys pay her to rate their cocks...that shit is crazy! Guys what do you get off of getting it rated? Or is it more of the thrill that they aknowledged your dick to begin with ? Have you paid? What are they basing their...
  3. G

    Cock contest

    Me 46 bi ,my wife 44 .Send us pictures of your cock and we will rate it separately.Bbc's will gain 1 point Extra.Tributes 3 points Rate range from 1-20 . At the end of May we will have the winner
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    What would you do to her comment below

    My sexy wife wants to know what y'all would do to her
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    My wife

    What do you think of my wife? She loves hearing the things you’d like to do to her it makes her super wet (see pic) ratings and tributes wellcome also …it all gets her off when she plays
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  7. A

    Yes or No to a Boob Job?

    Wife wants a boob job b/c she hates that hers aren't symmetric. I think they're perfect but they've always been a self esteem issue for her when lookin in the mirror! Looking for your honest thoughts, comments, and whether or not you think she needs a tit job !