1. R

    Looking for a cuckold coach/advice/tips

    Hi there. I'm a 23 year old dude from the UK. I'm seeking any advice/tips or even long term coaching on a situation I currently find myself in. My girlfriend is getting close with a guy she used to have a 'thing' with and I want something to happen between them again. A little context - They...
  2. T

    Having my wife date another man.

    I have had a fantasy for a long time now where I would really love my wife to be in a relationship with another man. Its a huge turn on when guys see her pics and jerk off to her. It would be even better if someone could actually get with her and make it a real thing.
  3. lazyafternon01

    I’m not who I used to be

    Is there any other guys like this. I don’t wanna make this about depression but it is a little bit but that’s beside the point. Back before I had this desire to see my wife fucked I was a jealous person. That all changed when we found out I was sterile. I was devastated felt worthless. That’s...
  4. S

    South New Jersey Hotwife couple looking for a hung bull

    Hello, Please read the entire ad before responding. A good first impression goes a long way with my wife and me. We are a hotwife couple and have been in the lifestyle for 3 years. I enjoy sharing my hotwife with selective men that she finds attractive inside and out. We are not into quantity...
  5. B

    Chicago BBC seeking wife

    BBC bull in Chicago seeking wife for fun but also a regular dynamic where she has me as her bull. Looking for one couple down for me to pound the wife and be her lover while the husband watches or leaves us alone, and someone down for me possibly dating her discreetly. Seeking wives between the...
  6. B

    Chicago BBC seeking wife for relationship

    Hey there. I'm looking to be the boyfriend to a mature wife who wants to explore something different aside from her marriage. Obviously, the bedroom fun would be a main aspect of it but I would also like to get to know her and really be someone she could be with when she wants to have fun and...
  7. S

    Saving relationship

    So, we was in relationships 5 year. For 5 years my boyfriend was talking about his fantasies time to time. I was scared to cross this line but letting him talk about it, pretending that someone is coming, texting and sending my photos to another mans. About 6 months ago he broke up with me. He...
  8. T

    Im dating a man who wants me to have sex with other men. Is it common and if so how does a relationship like this work?

    Im dating a man who wants me to have sex with other men. Is it common and if so how does a relationship like this work? We’ve been dating for 4 months and it’s been amazing. For the first time I think real love is actually something that exist. We have a great sexual chemistry and we’ve...
  9. Phillip Mann

    Any cucks or wives interested in a triad relationship

    I was wondering about this and interesting in getting every ones opinion about what they want ideally.
  10. Phillip Mann

    Relationships in Cuckold Lifestyle

    Hi, I am sure everyone here loves the sex life in a cuckold Hotwife lifestyle. I am more curious to talk about ideas of what type of relationships everyone is open to. Long term, marriage, flings only, short term etc.