I’m not who I used to be


Aug 29, 2022
Is there any other guys like this. I don’t wanna make this about depression but it is a little bit but that’s beside the point. Back before I had this desire to see my wife fucked I was a jealous person. That all changed when we found out I was sterile. I was devastated felt worthless. That’s when I started getting this urge to let her fuck other guys. I told her if she wanted to see other guys she could just please don’t leave me. She refuses to do it but the longer time has went on since that day I found out the more I get turned on wanted to share her with someone. I bring it up every now and again but she still doesn’t want to be with someone else. For me though sex is just for her I don’t really get that much satisfaction from it. I love her blowjobs and jerking off but I rather have some one fuck her as she blows me. I’ve also become obsessed with hearing about guys she blew and fucked before me. I guess my question is has anyone else had this reaction to finding out they are sterile?


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I try not to be but it hits kinda hard sometimes I never know what’s going to tripper it. Like this week for example I’ve had multiple dreams where I’ve found out she’s pregnant. Pretty hard to wake up to reality after that
First off a baby is not a fetish. If you want a child because you can't get her pregnant, that's one thing. It is entirely another to want her pregnant as a way of getting your rocks off. Interracial babies will bring a whole new set of issues to your life as well, since you can't explain it away.

I realize that being sterile is a hit to the psyche, but if everything else works...including the ability to cum, then you have to see the bright side of things. As for wanting to be a cuckold, take out the sterile part and you're just like any other wannabe that wants their wife to cuck them.
Not once in this post did I say I wanted her to get pregnant. I just what to see her with other guys. I actually would rather them not cum in her just on her. Also never said I wanted it to be a black guy or any particular race for that matter. Race doesn’t matter. Also I think there’s a big difference between wanting to be a cuck and wanting to just share my wife. I don’t want to be submissive I’d be pretty dominant in what I’d want him to do with her and what I’d be doing to her while he’s doing it. That is of course if she was ok with any of it which she’s not so it’s a moot point.
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