1. V

    Dom bull herelooking for married/taken lady!

    Dom here Looking for playful, married or taken lady, No matter your size, race or age. it's always more fun to play and talk with taken ladies! Let's get in touch A bonus point for secretly fooling around sluts ;) just DM me!
  2. Justinch

    Girlfriend told me a secret while sucking my cock

    My girlfriend had been fucking and sucking bigger cock from the second day we got together in secret from me and I truthfully never had a clue at all. She also told me that the bloke she fucked and sucked cock with in her truthful secret below was actually the person who said when she was...
  3. M

    Fingering at the dance floor

    This was a night out with the hubby. I love dancing and we decided to go to an amazing bar that has a cozy dancing floor an DJs playing all kinds of exciting dance music. On our way there, while in the car as my husband was caressing the inside of my leg we started talking about having some sexy...
  4. 1

    I want to email your pics to my wife

    Maybe a strange request, but I want to anonymously email photos of another guy to my wife and see how she reacts. Hopefully someone here can help me out. I want to see if she will tell me or keep it a secret. Any guys up for sharing your photos I could use? Message me. Looking for more than...
  5. btweets

    Secretly, well she tried to be anyway.

    When we first started out playing and I figured out she was having fun behind my back I started setting up situations where I’d leave her alone with a certain guy or guys and then sneak back to try and at least listen to or even better, catch them doing something.. it didn’t take too long before...
  6. D

    Could you be cucked to do this (and more!) behind your partner's back??

    I am interested to hear from guys who share a similar panty fetish, either openly or candidly, and would do something similar. Or, maybe, you would allow another guy into your wife's panty drawer to do the same??