size queen

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    Let me sit on your face
  2. P

    A phone call I'd love/hate to receive

    This is a jack off fantasy I had this morning after my wife left for work. It was inspired largely by my post yesterday about my sister-in-law coming to stay with us for a while and how it might inspire a cucking. Hope you enjoy. My phone rings. It's my wife calling. I pick up with my...
  3. Lingerie Wall.jpg

    Lingerie Wall.jpg

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    My sexy unfathfull slut
  5. Any French or European bull ?

    Any French or European bull ?

  6. D

    Tribute my petite gf

    My gf of 10 years is sweet and innocent on the surface. Before me, she mostly dated athletic and dominant alpha types. But she settled with me, because I’m the steady type. Recently while watching porn together, she confessed that large cocks turn her on a lot (I’m only 4” when hard). And she...
  7. P

    Science says size sure is superior

    I'm into penis size humiliation big time but there's a lot of artificial stuff out there where you can tell the actress/cam girl is simply trotting out the scripted SPH she's been paid for. I am much more turned on when it is genuine. Coupled with this fetish of mine is the fact that I am a...
  8. B

    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    What are the chances you have the biggest cock she's ever had? Put in your size and see your results: Thought this was an interesting tool that this forum might appreciate. After entering your measurements it shows you comparison to the average dick, world...
  9. B

    Finding Stag/Vixen for MFM Threesome

    While I have over 10 years of experience as a bull for cuckold couples, I've had less luck finding stag/vixen couples for threesomes. Curious what approaches have you used that have been successful? Are there any websites or apps that are better for MFM than cuckolding? Also, I'm searching for...
  10. B

    Cucks, what is the size of your penis? [LENGTH -POLL]

    Curious about the size of cuckolds on this forum. What is the size (length) of your cock?
  11. Pawg wants to be trained.

    Pawg wants to be trained.

    Slutty wife?
  12. Hannah snyder

    Looking for some partners to get to know.

    Hello I am looking for some fun people to get to know and maybe get to know really really well. Let me know if your interested.
  13. S

    Sexy Hotwifey

    Hey!!! I’m new to the scene. Well, kinda new, kinda not now I guess. I’ve been married for over ten years and fucked my first bbc a couple months ago. It is definitely addicting… I plan to set up another date soon. If your into a real hotwife with cuckolding and POV handjobs and blowjobs of me...
  14. BWChotwife

    Bored and horny, talk dirty to me.

    Bored and I want hubby to eat my pussy while you guys tell me what you would do to me. I will share pictures and read to him.
  15. Cameltoe hotwife

    Cameltoe hotwife

    Hot wife in tight jeans
  16. M

    Cuckold 3D Illustrations

    Here's some cuckold illustrations from my fave 3D artist...