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  1. @ car sex 4.jpg

    @ car sex 4.jpg

  2. IMG_20231008_183727.jpg


    Just laying here. Board AF
  3. L

    A mini-vacation to decompress

    Want to see her with 3-5 other men at once. They all creampie her without her letting any out. Then she makes me put a bowl under her to catch it all and makes me watch as it comes out while talking dirty to me about them filling her up. Then she makes me eat her pussy just for cleanup. As she...
  4. Flcpl4fun

    Any Vixens that only suck cock?

    I've read a bunch of stories on here & I was wondering of there are any women who just enjoy sucking cock & making the guy cum where she wants? Does she like swallowing, facials, loads on her tits? I personally would prefer a blowjob over penetration! The women controls the pressure, the length...
  5. X

    Anyone have any pictures of their wives swallowing bbc cum?

    Anyone have any pictures of their wives swallowing bbc cum?
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    My hotwife with her boyfriend swallowing his cum!
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  8. 20230215_010717_1.gif


    Wife loves to swallow cum
  9. J

    Mature Bull in NYC Looking 4 Cuckold Couple

    I'm an experienced, mature, and nicely equipped Dom Bull for a cuckold couple, particularly where the cuck hubby is submissive and may be (but not exclusively) where the cuck hubby is bi or bi-curious. We can discuss the rules and parameters of participation. I'm located in NYC, but I'm...
  10. Good To The Last Drop

    Good To The Last Drop

  11. 20211003_064531.mp4


    my ex sucking my friends cock
  12. Juliereacher

    New to the site

    Hey all. New to the site but it seems like a good fit for my slutty lifestyle. ( DM open. Legs and mouth as well. ) lol
  13. Juliereacher

    Addicted to cum

    I have to admit that I am addicted to swallowing cum. I love the feel of a guy tense up and his cock heads swells up in my mouth just before I get my reward.
  14. Mouth Shot

    Mouth Shot

    Some guy feeding her
  15. Incoming facial

    Incoming facial

    first of many ropes I threw on her. Hotwife cum lover in training.
  16. PXL_20220422_223202658_exported_143141.jpg


    wife eating cum off dick like ice cream cone.
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    she loves this
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    She loves this
  19. Screenshot_20220303-024849_Gallery.jpg


    Slut slut slut
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