1. H

    Another accomplishment

    I confessed my fantasy of being a cuckold to her over a year ago. We went from "NO" to a "Maybe someday" to a "Ok but we have to take babysteps" We also went from dressing normal over dressing sexy to not wearing underwear under a minidress and from my (small) dick being the first and only...
  2. F

    Making progress!

    Sharing/watching my girlfriend have sex with someone else is a MASSIVE fantasy of mine. We've been together for years and I've never had the courage to bring it up until recently! My girlfriend is very reserved when it comes to talking about sex. When it comes to having sex though she...
  3. SuperPatch

    She’s naughtier than I thought

    We’re happily married, have a good sex life, together 15 yrs & are both a bit deviant. Last night she told me she wants to find men in their 50’s that want to “PAY” her to suck & fuck them, says she wants some regular clients, that’s what really gets her wet. I’m so excited, can’t wait for her...
  4. V

    Dom bull herelooking for married/taken lady!

    Dom here Looking for playful, married or taken lady, No matter your size, race or age. it's always more fun to play and talk with taken ladies! Let's get in touch A bonus point for secretly fooling around sluts ;) just DM me!
  5. M

    Wanna be cuck but confused

    Hi everyone, I will try to explain my situation. I'm in relationship with my fiance 5 years and I have fantasy to watch her with other guy or listen every detail of cheating. I told her about my fantasy, she said its interesting, but she is not ready for other guy because she loves me too much...
  6. M

    Does she want hotwife lifestyle

    Hi everyone...I'm 30, and my fiance is 26. I have massive desire to see her with other guy. I proposed her few times to try something but she refused anything cause she loves me too much and she thinks that Im testing her...so we never tried anything about that. After few months not mentioning...
  7. simonward

    My wife's ass. Show me the cock you would push into it.

    My wife's ass. I would love to watch her fuck.
  8. simonward

    Playing With Fire - The real life experience of a guy trying to coax a faithful, loving, wife into cuckoldry.

    The Christmas Party - 20/12/19 Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn’t know what it means. She’s aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half...
  9. W

    Wife knows but never agrees!

    My wife is 27 year old and after being married for almost 3 years, I have spoken to her about my cuckold fantasies and how I will enjoy watching her with real men then me, she is hesitant and pissed off slightly. Recently she agrees for fantasy or RP about it but, she repeats this will never...