wife dates

  1. graham561

    Wife Cheated, I found out... She sends pictures

    My wife and I have been involved with swinging for the last ten years. A year or two ago, I was checking out the chat feature of the website we use when a text popped up. We chatted for a minute or two when he asked "does your husband know we have been together?"... I was a bit upset to find...
  2. hubwithwantonwife

    Wives going for a night on the town

    Let’s talk about our wives going out for a night on the town. How does it work for you? What does she wear? What happens when she comes home? I’ve written a brief description of how it has typically worked for us. And I’ve added a couple of pics from the archives of my wife’s adventures. For...
  3. jaazhubby

    How will use this Indian Slutwife with your friends?

    Hi All, I am relatively new here. But some of you might already know her from here or other platforms. Her fans and bfs made sure to make her a webslut. Well we can't do much in lockdown. Jaaz had few of her flings and me too. We liek to see more of us as Stag n Vixen And this year we thought of...