A couple Questions for fellow cucks

How long can everybody last in their wife or girlfriend?
Less than a minute. Its a joke between us.....she will look at the clock and time me. On a GOOD day, I MIGHT make it a full minute....sad.

How often do you actually fuck your wife or girlfriend?
Actual penis in vagina intercourse is rare. Usually in a year you can count the number of times on one hand and have a finger or two left over...see previous question for the biggest reason why......I am required to wear 1, sometimes two, condoms to make SURE my sperm does not sully her body. The last time my sperm touched my wife or was in her body was November, 2012. I was SO excited that she was going to let me inside without a condom on that I started dribbling/cumming as I was getting between her legs!! It was horribly embarrassing. I also have to take Viagra to even get semi-hard.

How big is your cock?
On a GOOD day, with 100 mg of Viagra, I can get to 4 inches hard. But that only lasts a minute or so. My wife actually calls my cock "your clit", and when she touches it she rubs it like she does her own clit rather than hold it and stroke it like a real cock. She can make me cum without ever touching my clit by rubbing aggressively the area under my small saggy balls where you can feel the base muscle when "erect", like she was rubbing her clit to orgasm. FANTASTIC feeling!! She only rarely actually grasps my cock/clit to stroke it because I start to cum immediately when she does.

I've always heard that its the thickness in that particular area that women need to get the full, satisfying experience that they crave and my girlfriend is no different.
My wife has always preferred thickness to length. She LOVES to feel "stuffed" full of cock.....unfortunately, not only am I a diminutive 4" erect, I am also just about the same thickness as her index finger. Her Boss/Lover of 10 years, although he is only about 6.5 inches long he is VERY thick and she cums HARD on his thick cock as a result!! She cums every time he cums inside of her partially because she is hoping to get pregnant by him, but also because his cock is so thick that is actually plugs her so tightly that little of his sperm leaks out until he withdraws his cock. She has NEVER had an orgasm with me without also rubbing her clit while I thrust inside of her TRYING to last a full minute hoping she can at least rub herself to an orgasm first.

Her favorite Lover EVER was a Black guy whose cock was about 8 inches long soft, and 9 inches long erect......but he SWELLED so thick when erect she could barely get her fingers around his cock!! What she loved most was he would cum (30-45 minutes and DOZENS of orgasms for her later) inside of her which also set off MASSIVE orgasms when he came in her, and his cock would shrink from 9" to 8" but not come out of her cunt.....it would act like a plug and hold most of his sperm DEEP inside of her!! They would sweet talk, play around, even occasionally doze off and his cock would remain inside her the entire time.....he would start to get erect again and they would start all over again. He is the only Lover that had that ability and she LOVED IT!!

She was fucking him without her diaphragm (all the birth control she uses) most of the time so TONS of his fertile sperm was being held inside of her and fuck-forced right into her womb repeatedly!! She never got pregnant, but she said that for a couple days after they fucked (multiple times over a Friday to Sunday weekend) she could actually feel his cum "slosh" inside of her when she walked or moved her hips just right while laying down!! It was one of the most erotic things she ever experienced......she could actually cum reliving the experience telling me about it and moving her hips around on the bed to feel his sperm "slosh"!!! She would drip his sperm for 2 days after a long weekend with him too....was amazing she did not get pregnant by him, but after their first time together where she did spend an ENTIRE 3 day weekend trying to get pregnant by him, she always made SURE she only saw him when she knew she was not in her most fertile time of the month.

Sorry, got a bit off topic.....it was his THICKNESS that she liked the most tho (it was amazing to see his cock swell inside her cunt and plug her tight!! I actually got to see them together that first time when she got so turned on she tried to get pregnant. Looked like he was turning her cunt inside out when he withdrew and plunged back in to her!!). I am lucky to actually feel both sides at one time with my little clit....



Nov 10, 2016
Mine is about 7 and a quarter.. try to have sex everyday...even if it's just a handjob...
We try 69 and then doggy and some ass licking if we have time.
Usually last about 30 mins with no toys...with toys...about 15
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ED_ man

Jan 20, 2020
Melbourne Australia
Bassically I have issues getting an erection. So basically when my penis does get hard I cum as soon as it gets hard even if i am not having sex.. so sex for me would last maybe a few seconds.

My penis is about 4inch hard. Maybe 1 inch soft or less.

We have not had sex or tried to have sex for 10 months now.
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Mar 25, 2020
Mount Gambier SA
My Wife and I make love once a week,We spend around two hours give or take.Lots of foreplay and toy play.I get her off several times and fuck her with her favourite toys.My cock is about five inches cut and thin.She does enjoy riding it but her Bull gives her the real Satisfaction hands down.I last on average Three minutes less if I have been in a cage for several days.


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Mar 5, 2020
My wife and I fuck once a week.. I’m 6.5”, decently thick. Can definitely please her. We play for 1hr +. Lots of oral, toys and fucking. She always cums before me.. that’s my rule.
I’m not wanting to share her because I can’t satisfy her.. I just think she’s incredible and want to please her in every way possible.
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