A Planned Tryst


Aug 30, 2021
It came to my attention recently that one of my wife's good friends has wanted to sleep with her for going on ten years now. He's respectful, and they really haven't done anything at all. Thing is, he's aware that she plays and somehow both of them were under the impression that I'm against them hooking up. This probably goes back to a conversation I hardly remember where all I intended was to advise she be careful not to complicate any friendships.

Now imagine: This guy knows she's promiscuous, knows her husband is okay with it, has wanted her for years, she was willing, but they held back this sexual tension all this time. All of this came up in conversation when I found out that he's the only friend who has contacted her to see how she's doing in training out of state. It went something like...

Her: "He checked on me, said he had been thinking about me ..." (pregnant pause) "... so I let him know I'm..."

Me: "Hold up. I know that cute tone and pause. So what's up?"

Her: "Nothing really. We just talked and..."

Me: "Yeah, but I think I'm missing part of the story here. You guys are strictly plutonic right?"

Her: "Yeeees, since you said you didn't want me to .. um .."

Me: "I don't remember that."

Her: "You did. And then I told him I can't."

Me: "Oh. Do you want to?"

Her: "Kinda..."

Me: "Then why haven't you? It's your pussy, remember?"

Her: "Because you didn't want me to."

Me: "But you want to."

Her: "Yeah. Yes. Yes I do."

Me: "So when you get back home, why don't you see about letting him feel that pussy?"

Her: "Really? You mean it?"

Me: "I don't remember saying not to, and you know I'd rather you do what you want sexually anyway, so .."

Her: "Okay. I will."

Me: "Good, if you want to. Maybe you should let him know. But."

Her: "What?"

Me: "If he thinks I'm against it, keep letting him think that."

Her: (thinking about it) "Okay!"

Me: "You know him better than me. This won't make him try for more or end up hurting his feelings whenever it stops will it?"

Her: "No! He'll just enjoy .. hmm .. REALLY enjoy it. After so long.. "

Me: "One other thing."

Her: "Yeah?"

Me: "Maybe him first when you get home?"

Her: "Umm. I don't know. Why?"

Me: "After more than a decade, getting with you while you're sex starved might stack the intensity, don't you think?"

Her: "That's true! So. Okay. Him first. Love you!"

Then we ended the call.

She went straight to Facebook and let him know that he's getting some pussy when she gets home (her phrasing), that she knows he wants it and has known the whole time, and that I won't stop her. From what she says there was a little back and forth before he figured out that I won't stop her because she'll do it anyway.

Put yourself in his shoes. You've wanted a close friend for a little more than a decade. You've spent plenty of time around her trying to ignore that sentiment. You find out she'll "cheat" on her husband with you (he thinks I'm against it), and then she comes and lets you have it after she has gone several weeks without sex.

He is going to remember this for a long time. I hope they go several rounds.


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Aug 30, 2021
Still no details??? surely she must have messaged you by now?? x
She’s home now, and I’m mid process editing some video. I have to do some anonymization and then I’ll post that.

Probably this will be late Tuesday or Wednesday night. I can’t edit this with certain people up at home, and can’t work on it tonight. It’s my first time doing this kind of editing too, so bear with me.

So this is to say it went well, if a little differently than expected — I didn’t think I’d be there much less recording.