cheating fantasy

  1. D

    Would love to have someone make my wife cheat.

    Hello, I am interested in getting someone to seduce and cheat on my wife. New to the fantasy and it I find it fascinating and exciting. must be US and she is very conservative and loyal, so only those who are willing to play the long and challenging game. Will share pictures and information upon...
  2. X

    I am SO HORNY! I woke up this way!

    Hit me up wifes asleep
  3. Tia Playing #1

    Tia Playing #1

    Tia playing with a construction worker that thought he was getting with a cheating married gal.
  4. M

    Now I know what she does, it turns me on so bad

    My wife and I have been married for 12yrs We have been to a swingers party but she didn’t show any interest. When she’s had a few drinks she gets pretty horny but I never knew how horny she gets when she’s out with the girls….. until now. 3 weeks ago she went out with 2 of her GF, to the local...
  5. E

    Jerktrib my Asian wife

    Jerk trib or cum trib or fake my Wife and get nudes
  6. P

    My wife wants her ex-husband to become her bf and she wants him to knock her up.

    About a month ago, I found out, after-the-fact, that my wife had secretly reconnected with her ex-husband. Since then she spends hours, usually into two to three in the morning talking to him on FaceTime. She is in such a daze most of these days that she openly talks to him on speakerphone, at...
  7. Wife shows it all

    Wife shows it all

  8. E

    Cum on my Asian wife

    Give her what she deserves
  9. A


    Hey there, I'm 20 from South India. There any Indian couple, female seeking for threesome or a toyboy friend for elder? If so, hit me up on my DM. Let's get to know each other and see if we fit ourselves. bit bout myself.. I've seduced and played American & Europeans for a while (still I'm...
  10. strip me in open

    strip me in open

    want you to fuck me in this stream
  11. Jerryg2088

    Who else wants to see their wife getting gangbanged? I want 5 dick in her

    Anyone else dream about seeing her getting DP’d while dick in each hand and gagging on one?? That’d my top fantasy of all time with her in it haha.. Do I have 5 guys volunteer to bang this dirty bitch??
  12. 4CC3B242-4DB4-49B3-A715-53AB558A4CC0.jpeg


    Came home wasted after a night on the town with my girls. Stripped jumped right into bed and forgot something and my husband found it and sent me this pic when he got to work. How do I get out of this one?
  13. BIGred15

    She has DP interest

    So back several years ago I had a long term gf. At the time she was 27. Thin petite blonde blue eyes with pawg ass and meaty pussy. We broke up for about 6 months and she dated another dude which she claimed had a 8incher. I persuaded her for details and she loved telling me how they fucked...
  14. Bobthebeast

    Trying something new

    Hi all, so it seems that my wife has been sending photos of herself to people via Snapchat. After confronting her with this we had a very long conversation and have decided to try virtual sharing, at least to see how it goes! We are going to be using Snapchat and ideally would like other...
  15. T


    I’m a bull looking for sex. No male to male touching but we can fuck together u can watch we can even take turn.
  16. S

    Looking for a playful sub lady!

    Dom bull here Looking for playful sub lady, preferably a fooling around and married. Kik is: strong.desire Snap: wezosnap Or just DM
  17. S

    A Planned Tryst

    It came to my attention recently that one of my wife's good friends has wanted to sleep with her for going on ten years now. He's respectful, and they really haven't done anything at all. Thing is, he's aware that she plays and somehow both of them were under the impression that I'm against...
  18. M

    Would love to see a tribute

    Hi new to the forum, Been into cuckolding for a while now, even though I never was cucked before, though my wifes knows my desires and has come close to doing so. I love sharing her pics and enjoy the compliments. Glad to be a part if the site.
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  20. 13202B2C-B6F9-44D6-9B17-87FC4EE75691.jpeg


    Looking for chubby wife to spread her pussy for my boo bear!