1. Karen and Gordon (1).jpeg

    Karen and Gordon (1).jpeg

    Post fuck, I really enjoyed filming them together
  2. Gordon fingers Karen's cunt within 3 minutes.jpg

    Gordon fingers Karen's cunt within 3 minutes.jpg

    We had just finished fucking when there was a knock at the door. My friend Gordon walked in dropped his t shirt and shorts on the floor, lay down beside my wife and fingered her cunt.
  3. S

    Anyone else ever share a fleshlight with a friend while sharing wife pics?

    Earlier this week friend with a huge crush on my wife was in town while she was out on a work trip. He's cum in her panties with me before and has been sending me tributes of her pics. (Prior post here...
  4. 4A393AA2-5051-4F55-9710-D78220A4E9B0.jpeg


    Big tits
  5. Screenshot 2023-10-05 2.19.18 PM.png

    Screenshot 2023-10-05 2.19.18 PM.png

    Thigh thighs
  6. Screenshot 2023-10-04 9.27.51 AM.png

    Screenshot 2023-10-04 9.27.51 AM.png

    hungry ass
  7. Screenshot_20231003_203306_VLC~(1).jpg


    Sometimes she doesn't need her words to tell you she's having a good time.
  8. Screenshot 2023-09-30 2.34.24 PM.png

    Screenshot 2023-09-30 2.34.24 PM.png

    Spreading her pussy lips
  9. Screenshot_20230928_170239_VLC~(1).jpg


    Smile, you're a star baby
  10. S

    Would you rather?

    Would you rather share your wife/girlfriend with a complete stranger or with a buddy/friend you’re close with that you completely trust?
  11. J

    You dirty cucks and sluts

    My wife wants to see how many cocks whores will try to milk my cock on here
  12. V

    uptdate about my gf

    In the end I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me with a co-worker, so her way of dressing was clearly because of this man. I discovered photos of her that I only sent to him, anyway I'm still in a relationship with her, since I didn't tell her to take her cell phone.
  13. Rimming


    Friend rimming my wife
  14. Two cocks

    Two cocks

    OK, so we're not huge, and its hard to stay hard when two cocks are touching, but we had fun.
  15. on your mark

    on your mark

  16. IMG_0758.MOV


    She sucks my husband cock
  17. K

    Cuckold filming his wife making out on the couch to his friend

    sorry my english is not very good
  18. Mounting her bull

    Mounting her bull

  19. Carol cowgirl on Bryan

    Carol cowgirl on Bryan

    from the same session. Giddy-up.
  20. Bryan buried in Carol's ass

    Bryan buried in Carol's ass

    Same as the other pic. She has to be very horny to take it in her ass.