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Oct 21, 2020
We went on our first swingers weekend with a number of other couples staying over at the same hotel. We all went out to a nearby bar. I went to get drinks. I turned around to talk to some of the other fellas from the group and as I opened my mouth, happened to glance over to the table where I had left my girlfriend chatting with the weekend organiser. They had their tongues down each others throats and hands were everywhere. Instantly absolutely rock hard and the most intense jealousy I have ever felt...
Well She is so attractive and hot.😁😉😍
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May 3, 2020
Lehigh valley pa
I caught my wife of 10 years having an affair. We fought at first but eventually I said inwss ok with it and was even more ok with her continuing to see him. She knew I wanted her with other men before it but he got spooked and ran. So now she just gives me details of when they would meet up.


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Nov 29, 2019
For me is when I was younger. My ex started fucking one of my friends when I’d go out with my buddies. I found out when he told another friend and he told me.
I was immediately turned on and I asked her while we were fucking if she would talk about it and she did. I eventually went out more and she would hook up with him so she could tell me about it. Everyone knew she was fucking him but I didn’t care. It was a big turn on.
I did manage to see them fucking when they thought I was out. I jacked off and came very hard. I tried doing a threesome with him but she would chicken out. This went on for about a year.
I was hooked but it progressed through other relationships. I wanted more and more. So naturally I was attracted to women who were known to sleep around. I felt more comfortable being open with them as they related to being sexually active.
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