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Oct 4, 2016
I'd been here before, many, many times. On top of someone else's girl in the missionary position. She's hot, naked except for her strappy black heels and I'm pounding her little hole. The only thing thats different this time is that she's 19 and i'm still 45. I'm deep inside her and she's screaming loudly...moaning my name. Her nails are clawing at my back drawing *****. She lost control about 5 seconds after I filled her young sweet cunt with my fat cock. It's not always the longest cock the girl as ever had but it's always the fattest. I was blessed that way. I'm on top of a sexy 19yr old pinning her down, my hands on her wrists holding her on the bed. She doesnt need holding down but i like to dominate my women all the same. She's brunette, shoulder length hair and is maybe a size 8...medium sized breasts, brown nipples, errect and beautful...I'm 6ft 3, she's probably just shorter than 5ft tall...
I reach down with my right hand and squeeze her left nipple hard, hard enough to make her wince...and that just turns me on so i twist her other nipple...same reaction...she's muttering something so i draw closer...'you're massive, so much bigger than him'. He's 24 and convinced her that it would make them both happy to if she fucked me and let him watch. We spoke on the phone 4 times before we met. I hadn't been the bull for such a young couple before but he was so persistent. I immediately asked him if I could speak to to her on the phone to see if she was real...to my surprise she came to the phone and we chatted for quite a while. She was curious, wanted to know all sorts of things...how long had i been doing this? (10yrs), had I had long term relationships with other mens wives (many) and what did i want with her...i explained my rules to her and after listening carefully she agreed. My rules are simple:
1. After the 3rd date wives or gf's must agree to sex without a condom.
2. Wives or gf's agree to see me at least twice a week at a time of my choosing.
3. Wives or gf's agree to wear heels at all times. Thats just my thing.
Our first date was at a bar under a big hotel in the city. She wore a tight red dress and these amazing sexy black heels, hair done, red lipstick. I took the opportunity to show my dominance...instead of just kissing her on the cheek I pulled her close and pushed my tongue into her mouth...she responded hungrily and her bf looked shocked. We sat in a booth and I sent her bf to the bar to refill our ********** smiled at her and pushed my hand up her skirt under the table and fingered her already wet pussy. Her skin was soft and she was very wet. Her bf looked redundant and she hardly bothered talking to him...except to tell him that she had enjoyed our kiss and had already been fingered...she referred to me as her new bf, something that both ******** and turned him on.
I turned to her and told her that we were going upstairs...we held hands as we walked to the lift...once inside we kissed again and again i fingered her wet little cunt...this time i pulled her knickers down...as the door opened she picked them up and handed them to her bf...'hold these' she said smiling. I led her into the room and over to the window...i pushed her roughly against the plate glass and told her to spread her legs...i reached between her legs and fingered her wet cunt again...she moaned loudly...she was ready...i unclipped her black bra and reached around, squeezing her errect nipples...her naked young breasts were pressed against the window and after I had pulled off her dress her little ass was sticking up, wiggling seductively at me...all she was wearing now were those black heels and a big smile...her hands resting on the glass, her legs spread...i slapped her ass hard, several times...leaving red marks.
I pulled my pants down, letting my cock fall out...i reached down and felt just how wet and ready she was and pushed in, no condom...just my bare cock inside this delicious little slut...as i rammed in she moaned and then with every motion she moaned louder...i started to pound her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back sharply...she was tight and kept telling me that i was too big...that made me fuck her even harder. I threw her on the bed and climbed on top...i pushed in hard...she was sexy and young, wearing heels and had my cock inside her. A good night. We fucked for almost an hour...we were both sweaty and she finished the fucking by riding my fat cock...we both came together and as we lay there my cum seeped out of her little cunt...she reached down and rubbed it all over her pussy. That was our first date.
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