Cheating wife, how I discovered Im a cuck


To start with she had been flirting with an ex sending nudes to people from back home, she'd been arranging to meet when she went back to her home town for a family wedding.
I was logged into her Facebook and WhatsApp, and her SC pass, so I was watching live when she spoke to them.

She had arranged to meet a friend, she'd always had a crush on at the beach. Before their was some light flirting, then they met they walked along the beach and that sat under a peir, she'd told him in text that she'd get her boobs out if he was lucky, which she did, they started making out and he grabbed her tits licked her nipples, she was getting so wet. she slide her hand down his trousers and grabbed his cock, she tossed him off, she made him cum, then they cuddled for Abit, he invited her to a house party the night before she was due to travel home. And then she left to meet her family.

After the encounter they were texting all the time about what happened, what could happen at the party, and sending pics to each other. Need less to say I was angry but also very horny and I sat reading and wanking. It was so hot know that she was cheating.

The night after she had invited a ex bf back to her hotel room, they had been out drinking. They got back and put the TV on, but didn't take long for things to turn heated, they started making out and strip g each others cloths off, she got on her knees and started sucking him off, he came close to cumming so she stopped, they started mutually masturbating each other on the bed while making out, he sucked on her tits, they both came, at this point it was like 2 in the morning, he said he had to go home, so they cuddled for a bit and he left.

They continued to text and flirt the rest of the time she was down their.

The last night she was their, she went to a house party of the guy she met on a beach,
He was an old flame too. She got a bit tipsy at the party, and she got her tits out, was making out with loads of guys, and she got groped by most of the guys their. But she was really looking to fuck the guy from the beach. He ended the party at about 11 and told her she could stay the night, she jumped at the opportunity. As soon as the last person had left, he had her up the wall and they were both tareing at each others close, one of her boobs was out they were kissing passionately, her dress was hiked up and his jeans were around his ankles, he stuck his cock inside her, and trust (she's a very load fuck and cummer, she said his cock was thicker and loner than mine and that he was suck a better fuck) They ended up fucking from about 10 at night to 4 in the morning, he fucked her on the floor he came inside her (no condoms were used) she came not long after, they cuddled, for a bit but went again she was on all fours, he grabbed her hair with one hand slapped her ass with the other and grabbed her boobs occasionally, (she said he could get so much deeper from behind) he pounded her so deep and hard she was moaning so loud and he was, they both go closer and closer and eventually both came at the same time. His cum was dripping out her pussy. They sat down to watch some TV and talked for a bit, then she started to give a blowjob, stroking his cock and took a load on her face, she liked playing with his balls. After this they went to sleep,He came inside her at least 5/6 times that night, He fucked her every way he could, he left bite marks on her tits.

she even woke him up by riding his cock. Bouncing up and down on his thick cock, she had a shuddering orgasm, then he put her on all fours and pounded the shit out of her, he pulled her hair back and got closer she was moaning so loudly, he then shot his load deep in her pussy.

She came home that same morning and we fucked, made me so hard from knowing what she'd done, knowing their cum was still sitting inside her as we fucked. She didn't know I knew yet.

After we had sex I did tell her, she decided to tell me exactly what she got upto while she was their, every detail, showed me their cocks, and how it felt. We fucked most of the night that night. Now she flirts online and I like to find out myself through messages and pictures.

She still cheats now, as we have no agreement between us that she can.


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You a very lucky guy…When she told you all about it and you got
Excited the understanding between the two of you was made… Sounds like you have a wonderful and obviously beautiful woman your a lucky man !!


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