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Dec 27, 2018
Wife's homemade creamy pie

Friday evening I was setting on the deck enjoying a cold beer when I heard my wife Andrea pull into the garage. I needed another one so I went into the kitchen and met her as she came through the door. I looked at how lovely she was standing there in a mid thigh length cotton skirt. Her legs covered in nude colored pantyhose. I walked over to give her a kiss and as I did I reached under her skirt to rub her pussy through the nylon. She never wears panties if she wears pantyhose so I was rubbing her hairless pussy through the cotton gusset of her hose. It was damp so I asked her if she had been fucked. She pushed me away and said no dummy it's hot out side, that's sweat. I asked if I could eat her sweaty pussy. She said that's gross. I laughed and said I've eaten gallons of cum from your pussy a little sweat would hurt me.

She kicked off her heels and un buttoned the skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor then she walked to the refrigerator to get herself a cold beer. I said you are wearing sheer to the waist. She looked back to me as she opened the fridge and said one of the men in my office likes them. Oh I said , a little peek a boo. She grabbed a beer and said yeah something like that. As soon as she twisted the top off her bottle I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch. I held her ass cheeks as I licked the front of her nylon covered pussy. It must have felt good because her free hand grabbed the back of my head forcing me in tighter.

After several minutes of me slurping her pussy through that cotton gusset she pushed me away. She said why don't I go shower and go over to Tim's and have him pump his balls into my cunt and then I'll come home and have you suck all his stuff out of me before you fuck my loose pussy with your pathetic little pee pee. I stood up and said would you please. She killed her beer and handed me the empty bottle and then said sure .

I got myself a cold one and went back to the deck to wait on her. In about a half hour Andrea came out to tell me bye, she had on a very tight pair of cut off Jean shorts and a white cotton tank top without a bra. Her nipples we're hard and the bottoms of her ass cheeks shown from the tiny shorts. The front of the tight denim material ran right through her pussy causing a perfect camel toe. I jumped up and said out loud God Damn . She raised up on her tip toes and said what's wrong, don't I look OK? I said baby you look like a woman wanting to be fucked . She smiled and said thank you I was going for that look. She blew me a kiss and said I'll be back with a tummy full of Tim's hot cum. I said have fun. Just as she was about to leave she said oh yeah I left something on the bed go get it.

I returned with the smallest chastity device we have. She said put it on right now. I started to protest but she cut me off. Do it she barked loudly. I took off my pants and underwear and out popped my semi erect dick. You are already hard she questioned. I said just seeing you look like that makes me hard. She walked over and grabbed my balls in her hand. She squeezed them hard. I raised up on my toes as I held back a scream. When she let go my cock was completely soft. Now put it on she ordered. I slipped the ring on and pushed the tiny little cage over my limp dick. She had the lock pin on the key and she slid it in and withdrew the key quickly. There she said as she patted my stainless caged manhood. No playing with that while I'm gone.

I took a beer from the fridge and went to set outside and wait on her. I sat out on the deck wearing only a t shirt. It was just after eleven when I saw headlights coming up the driveway. I hopped up and ran to the kitchen door to greet her. The door opened and in walked my well fucked bride. Her hair was a mess and her mascara had been smeared. Well I said , I hope your cunt is in the same shape as your face. She said ha ha, it is. I began undoing her tight little shorts and started working them over her hips. She wasn't wearing panties and as soon as the shorts hit the floor she kicked them to the side. I dropped to my knees and pushed her thights apart and buried my face in her pussy. It was most definitely wet and had a strong smell of a guy having been there. I started sucking her swollen clit and she always goes crazy when I do that.

Once my face was covered in the mixture of Tim and Andrea's juices I stood and said unlock me so I can fuck you. She said no, make me cum a few times first. I took her hand and led her to our bed. She laid down and spread her legs wide open. I sucked her pussy lips and clit untill she was almost ripping my hair out. I said baby I have a terrible case of blue balls please let me free. She said there's no need my pussy got such a beating from Tim's fat cock that your thin little pee pee won't do me any good. I fell over beside her and continued to complain. She got up and left the bedroom , when she returned she had an ice pack and laid it over my sore balls. I jumped and she said to lay still.

After an hour of torture from the ice she unlocked me. She took the device off and laid down spreading her legs. Go ahead and fuck she she ordered. My cock wouldn't get hard. I tried to get it up but the ice had done it's job. She laughed and said turn off the light and let's go to sleep.
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