cum eating hubby

Feb 24, 2017
how to be a cum eating cuckold.i am single.within two more years to get married.i surf in internet and online chatting full of cum eating cuckold videos and chat.if this is possible.fully addicted to this.i feel another men's sperm from pussy licking by me is heaven in front of her and she is kidding me and humiliate me.


Jan 5, 2017
My wife and I have also adopted my cum eating practice. It is not something that we make a regular practice. She saves it like a special treat to be devoured on certain occasions, but when those legs open wide and she has that sinister smile that asks "Do you want a taste?" Pretty hard to turn down. Especially if she has the cum of some other man inside her. It is my duty as a husband to use my tongue to remove all traces of him from inside her. That is my play area and he needs to be gone from there. LOL. Just kind of a fun way that we look at what we do.


Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Wife hasn't taken a lover, YET, if ever. I would definitely do clean-up.

Did clean-up after myself once.

But to fulfill the desire I found a couple on CL last year. Cost me a $100.

Watched and stroked as they fucked, then he unloaded inside of her.

I was licking his cum from her and she had an orgasm. The guy tells her NOT to cum again. I continued to clean her pussy, she had another orgasm. He yells at her "I told you not to cum." She respond "I couldn't help it." I figure it's time for me to stop. I give him a C-note, I dressed and left.

It was hot as hell. Loved every second of it and would do it again anytime.