Elaine's First Time


Jan 24, 2018
Sacramento, California
I wish I could remember more about this photo session. It is obvious that I asked my wife to pose with various facial expressions. Maybe we had been looking at some fashion shoot or models with eyes looking away from the camera or serious looks instead of smiles. You be the judge but I think I like the smiles the best. Sexy and sultry is still good too. I like the first shot with her glasses on so she can look in her mirror to apply lipstick and make sure her makeup is not smeared, LOL. View attachment 396304View attachment 396305View attachment 396306View attachment 396307View attachment 396308View attachment 396309View attachment 396310View attachment 396311View attachment 396313View attachment 396314View attachment 396315View attachment 396316View attachment 396317View attachment 396318View attachment 396319
She is very hot and adorable. Would love to make her smile.
Feb 28, 2018
Vancouver Canada
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