How we got started

Allen Amboy

May 28, 2017
Hi I'm Allen and my wife is Simone.

I've been on this site now for a couple of months but never introduced us and how we got started. I will keep it short however.

I am 55 and Simone is 53. We got married when I was 22 and Simone just under 20 and a virgin.

I have always loved sharing. I've dated many other women while we were married and did some sharing with them.

At around age 30 I began to bring up the idea of her with other men to her. She would always have massive orgasms when I talked about me watching her getting fucked while I watched. But she would cut me short when I asked if she would try it.

This went on for years and truthfully I had given up on her. Until one they I brought it up again and she said she would, but only if I were there and I picked the the guy, and we not use our place because we had young daughters.

Well now my next problem was finding the guy to fuck my wife. It took me about 6 months.

I befriended this strapping guy called Ripp that I met and a sex club. I had seen him in action and knew he was the guy to fuck my wife. I told him my situation and showed him a picture of my wife and he immediately agreed to help us.

We made the arrangements and I convinced my wife to do it at home. We would use the basement bedroom while the girls were asleep upstairs.

That night as I was driving Ripp to my house to fuck my wife was nerve wrecking. I started wondering if I made a mistake. Ripp is well built with a ( what we later measured) 10 inch dick.

But when I introduced them and I saw the satisfaction on Simone's face I knew it would be ok.

After they undressed, Ripp went straight for her freshly waxed pussy and started licking her very dripping pussy. At first she did not want to let on how much she was enjoying it, but I ensured her that I was ok and she can enjoy it without guilt.

She then took his big dick in her mouth and sucked it like she's never sucked before. She licked his balls, his ass and up and down that big shaft.

Then when he was ready to mount her I realized that we never set any rules. Was she ok with him fucking her raw? I never thought to ask. Well at this point it was too late. We had no condoms handy so we'll see if that's gonna be a problem. Turns out it wasn't. He shoved that big cock in her raw and she never blinked an eye.

So at the age of 46-47 (sorry I don't recall) my wife was finally getting a dick other than mine. I am a good 8 1/2” but Ripp has me beat with his 10”.

He fucked her in all positions and she was going wild. She cums easily, even with me, so she had several orgasms. That first time Ripp did not cum her, he pulled out and shot all over her body.

He got up to wash up. When he did she rubbed rubbed her hands in his cum and stroked my dick with his cum. I blew my load in about 5 strokes.

At this time we did not know if this would be a one time shot or if this was our new lifestyle. Well Ripp became her regular and over time he brought other guys for us.

He got Simone into anal, something I tried and failed at.

It sure changed our life for the better. We have 2 daughters, one left home and my 17 year old Daughter is still at home with us so we had to dance around that.

I'll tell more of that, maybe, at a later date.


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Apr 10, 2016
Wow! That's what I wish would happen with me and my wife! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!