If you (the wife) are attracted to someone your husband does not like


Aug 10, 2021
When with my ex, there was a friend of a friend we both didn’t like. She ended up fucking him, after the fact she told me when we played in the water she felt his big cock on her leg, between the booze and not getting Jose big dick in a over a month had her kitty purring. She said he’s a total jerk but fucked her oh so good. I was mad, not as mad as I was when I left to gamble with my homie, after an hour I went to back to the room for a joint, as I got closer to the door I could hear the sounds of my getting fucked. I open the door, my is on her back at the edge of the bed, dick head had her legs pinned back pounding my wife through her orgasm. Although I was pissed I pulled out my dick and shoved it her mouth, it didn’t take long before I covered her face and tits with my load and left. That weekend Maria changed, she really took to being a slut wife.

Over the next year she went sexually wild.


Mar 28, 2021
Quite a few years ago my wife has the hots for a guy in our neighborhood. He was taall ,in shape and many felt very confident. Other found him arogant, I thought he was just a big jerk.

Definitely was not into a 3 some with him. Really was not into her fucking him alone.we talked about it. Our "rule" up until that time was if either of us was not into potential partners we could veto. Well in a discussion a few weeks later she came up with her having veto override powers....what that really meant is she layed out her reasons, her plan, etc . I relented with the rules 1) he could not know I know. 2) not in our bed

So she found a way to seduce him, all while making him think he was seducing her lol. For 3 months they had an "affair". I only got to see once, when they snuck off during a party and I followed to see her give him head, then get bent over.

We had some great angry fucks after her sessions with him.
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Dec 21, 2021
I generally try to only hook up with men who my husband likes or approves of. At the end of the day, I want this to be something we do together and both enjoy. But, there are times when some guy I find hot is somebody my husband just does not like.

A few years ago, we went out to a swinger club and I met his very arrogant and dominant man. I do enjoy the whole bad boy persona but my husband is off-put by the type. This guy, like many of his type, thinks they are doing something for the lady that the husband cannot. I made out with this guy and we went as far as we could at an off-premise club. I told my husband I wanted to take this guy home and he reluctantly agreed. In the backseat of the car, I sucked this man's nice penis and he got me naked, although I was not wearing much, to begin with. The guy was calling me a slut and whore which drives my husband crazy, but it was turning me on. Once in the house, the guy was downright rude to my husband but he took it well and let me have my fun. After we were done, my husband took the guy back to his car at the club.

I have to admit, my husband lets me do what I want. I would not be as nice if he wanted to have sex with some woman I thought was hotter, or skinnier than me or who I thought was a bitch.


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Sep 27, 2018
If you are attracted to someone that your husband does not like, does it affect your willingness to have sex with this guy? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, just something that I find interesting. At the beginning of my marriage, my wife had sex with someone that I really did not like. It initially drove me crazy that she did it. I could not get out of my mind the thought and the visual of her giving this ultimate pleasure to someone that I did not like. Ultimately, turned me on like crazy that she went ahead and did what SHE desired. She had no regrets and thoroughly enjoyed the experience with him.

Look forward to thoughts on others experiences!!
Absolutely my husband not liking someone would effect my willingness to sleep with someone. We play to turn each other on, not off
Aug 16, 2021
For me, it would be an offense. I love her to literally cheat on me, to the extent that is possible since she knows that I want it. But if it was someone I disliked, that wouldn't be cool. That's just my take, as you say, no right or wrong answer.
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Dec 1, 2019
Norman, OK, USA
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May 11, 2022
The wife goes out with friends every other week, she had mentioned a doorman at one of the bars they go to would flirt with her, we had been inviting bbc to fuck the wife for about 6 mths but had met them through adult sites, so this felt different as we did not know if he was going to up for it, over her next couple of visits, she would put herslf in his view and find ways to chat to him and she explained that she would only go any further if i was present, he was a little unsure at first reaction but she text me and showed him the reply, i was waiting full of sexual expectation and when he walked in my heart nearly stopped and i was full of emotions i had not felt since leaving school, but mainly dread. Soon as i saw his face when he walked through the door, i recognised the person who had made my life a misery at school. I hated the fella with a passion. I dont think he remembered me, because he was to busy having his VWE cock being sucked by my wife, which in turn blew away the memories that presented themselves moments before from my mind as i watched them fuck for the next several hours


Jun 2, 2022
It’s all humiliation for me If I know my guy does not like the guy. I will suck and fuck that guy like he's never been fucked before and keep telline him hes a better fuck than my hubby, even if he's not, but I insist the fuck is video'ed for hubby and I to watch together


Jun 2, 2022
It’s all humiliation for me If I know my guy does not like the guy. I will suck and fuck that guy like he's never been fucked before and keep telline him hes a better fuck than my hubby, even if he's not, but I insist the fuck is video'ed for hubby and I to watch together
Yea im same i totally get you thankyou