Is this the start or the end (part 4)

Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC

HER: "I went to The Distillery in Old Bluffton. It's known as a meat market. I took a seat at the bar at the end and put my walker around the corner so it wouldn't be seen. I ordered a drink and waited. Sure enough within only a few minutes I had a hit. We sat and talked for a few minutes and he asked what I was after. I told him cock. He was a bit shocked and offered his. I accepted. He said it was early and I told him a car quickie would work. So I grabbed the walker and told the bartender I'd be back, to hold my drink. He looked at me sideways and I assured him not to worry. We went to his car around the corner on Calhoun. I parked the walker outside the car and we got in. He had his cock out in seconds and I was on him as quick. It only took a few minutes before he blew his load and I swallowed what I could. He said thanks and I exited, took the walker and headed back to the bar, sure enough the bartender kept my seat. The place was filling up a bit. He handed me a napkin and told me to wipe my chin. I said thanks and told him I was out of practice."

ME: "Holy shit."

HER: "This wasn't easy for me. It's been 30 years since I pickup a guy, since I went to a 'meat market' for a hookup. I was in my 30s now I'm in my 60s, my firm ass has dropped, my firm boobs are sagging, and my zipper is now a do-lap. I'm way overweight even after loosing 40+. There's gray not brunette under my blonde. And the walker doesn't help my self-esteem and might be a turn-off."

ME: "So you did this to what? Boost your ego, to feel natter about yourself, to fell wanted?, For what?"

HER: "None of that crap. Simply put, to get laid, to have sex."

ME: "But I'm here!"

HER: "Yup, you are. Same thing over and over. Boring."

ME: "Wow. Boring."

HER: "You can't help it, no one can. Same old, same old. When you can wake up with a new cock, then it won't be boring."

ME: "That hurts."

HER: "I told you it's Pandora's box. I didn't say that to be mean or hurtful and I know it came out that way. But the same thing over and over is boring. I doesn't make a difference who it is, and I'm sure I'm boring to you as well. It can't be helped it's just the way it is."

ME: "So you got lucky, got a couple of guys to have sex with you. Now what?"

HER: "Lucky? Generally guys don't care who their dicks are in as long as it's warm and cozy they don't care if I'm 30 or 60. So it's not luck it's human nature."

ME: "Wow, how come you've never said this kinda stuff before?"

HER: "I have, just not to you."

ME: "Girl talk?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Now what?"

HER: "There's more. The bartender asked if I was a pro, I told him no, just horny. A few minutes later another guy came over and said the bartender sent him. We chatted and he let it be known that he was looking to hook up. I let it be known that I was his girl. He paid the bar tab and we left. He also gave me sideways looks at the walker and I assured him as well that things are OK. I followed him to the car, then his and followed him to his apartment off Bluffton Parkway. We went to his bedroom, we both stripped fast and got into the bed. He was on me in an instant. He took out a condom and asked if it was OK I told him if he wanted, that bareback would be OK as well. He took me up on the bareback offer and got on top of me and in slid in very nicely. I was wetter than I had thought. He was circumcised and about your size. We fucked for a while until he said he was ready to cum. He asked where and I told him right where he was and he filled my pussy. When done he withdrew and rolled off of me. We laid there for a while, then I got up and got dressed and came home. When I got home I got into bed with you. You reached down and felt a very wet pussy and said you must be really excited you're so wet. I lied and told you I was, but way too tired to do anything. You jerked off and we went to sleep."

ME: "I remember it well it was only a few days ago. But I didn't know you went to have sex."

HER: "That great philosopher one said 'be careful of what you ask for you may get it'. Well you asked and you're getting it."

Note: I was hard as a rock as she told me the story.

ME: "I'm not sure this is what I was after."

HER: "Too late now. The rabbit's out of the hat."

ME: "Did you orgasm with these guys?"

HER: "The blow job no, the fucking yes."

ME: "Did you recognize anyone there?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Did they recognize you?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Fuck. Did you tell Gayle?"

HER: "Not yet."

ME: "How much are you gonna tell her?"

HER: "Just enough, like she tells me."

ME: "And Jack?"

HER: "Not in my control."

ME: "I rather you not tell Gayle."

HER: "Oh well, that's the way it goes."

ME: "Guess we'll see."

HER: "Thursday was a bit of a repeat. I didn't go the clubhouse. I went back to The Distillery. Same bartender, same seat. This time he sent a guy over. We went to the minivan he was driving, he said it was his wife's, he fucked me in the back. I exited it full of cum and some guy had been watching. He asked if he was gonna get any also. I told him sure and went to his car. The car was way too small, so I gave him a hand job. Went back to the bar. The bartender asked me what he gets if he keeps feeding me men. I told him whatever he wants. Sure enough he sent a guy over to me who I then left with. We went to his mobile home off Squire Pope Rd and we fucked on the deck, on his picnic table. He was uncircumcised, not my favorite, but was thick as I like. When we were done I went back to the bar and told the bartender we'll get together soon."

ME: "Without including me?"

HER: "Yup. You opened Pandora's box and now it's wide open. Don't worry I told the bartender that I was married and that you might join in, He was OK with it."

ME: "I have no idea where we're going with this. I feel as if I've lost control. As if I'm an outsider to it all. I'm not included."

HER: "Of course you're included. I'm telling you now there's your inclusion."

ME: "I'm calling snark.

HER: "Sorry."

ME: "To me that's not inclusion."

HER: "To a certain extent you are an outsider and to be real you never had control. It's my body, my pussy and I'll use as I wish, it's my decisions not yours, and I want it used. I'm 65 now and I when I get to the final box I want someone to look at me as say how well fucked I look. I don't know where this is going either. So let's take this ride to wherever together."

ME: "We're a partnership, I need to be involved, to be included, to be part of the team, after all this is team sport."

HER: "I love you and don't want to leave you out. But be prepared for a wild ride. I've have decided to do my best to get rid of my anger and get our sex life where it belongs, unfortunately your ED issues will be an obstacle. If that doesn't work the options aren't real good."

ME: "I'm not into humiliation. If that's your plan we're done."

HER: "No it's not my plan."

ME: "Well that's what it feels like."

HER: "It's been a long time since I haven't been angry with you. And this whole thing has got me mixed up."

ME: "This is team sport. I must be involved. You going out without me being involved in some way, setting up dates and pickups without me being involved is not gonna work."

HER: "Pandora's box. You opened it."

ME: "We need to set rules, boundary's, limits."

HER: "Like what?"

ME: "OK, for starters:

1 I need to know before hand

2 I may arrange it

3 I may be present

4 I may participate

5 I have the right to say NO

6 And then there's the kissing

HER: "Those are pretty demanding rules from an outsider."

ME: "And there's the rub, I need to be an insider."

HER: "And what's the deal with kissing anyway?"

ME: "Too intimate."

HER: "You are joking, right? A strange guy has his dick in me, he cums inside of me and you think kissing is too intimate? Really?"

ME: "Yes, really."

HER: "I'm not sure I'm on board with your rules."

ME: "There may be more, this is a start."

HER: "Like I said, I'm not sure I'm on board with your rules."

ME: "Then maybe we need to call it quits."

HER: "Quits, already, we just started."

ME: "I mean us, our marriage."

HER: "That's pretty drastic."

ME: "Our 'new lifestyle' is pretty drastic. And as a point of reference, you don't know if I enjoyed it."

HER: "Yeah I do, you may not have said it but a 2nd session told me and you still talking after I told you about last Tuesday & Thursday spoke volumes."

ME: "I need to be involved. PERIOD!"

HER: "Last month our marriage was foremost. Now after you got me back into this and I am on a very high high, my new sex life is on a par with our marriage for importance. So be careful of what you ask for."

ME: "This conversation isn't going well for either of us."

HER: "No it's not."

ME: "Let's sleep on it, maybe I can soften my rules and you can be more receptive."

HER: "OK that sounds reasonable. It's getting late, I need to shower and get some sleep."

ME: "We'll continue before the weekend."

HER: "OK, we'll talk again."

ME: "I've heard that before."

HER: "You'll just have to trust."

ME: "I'm having difficulty doing that. You just had a handful of guys deceitfully without me."

HER: "Yes I did, you'll just have to trust."

She left the room went in to shower and we were done talking, at least for now. I masturbated while she showered.

I'm not a happy camper, this isn't how I imagined things. I feel like I'm on a bus that I'm not driving.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
She called me midday on Friday 9/28 and asked if it was OK if the bartender dropped by before he starts his shift. I was a bit taken aback, more because she was somewhat adamant about me being involved to the extent I wanted to be and that more so that she didn't tell me but actually asked me. That was a major paradigm shift. She didn't let the opportunity pass without pointing out that she was asking. I felt as if the only option I had to not blow things up was yes. So I did the best happy supportive cuckold husband imitation I could (I'm just not fully there yet) and told her to have fun and text me when they're done as I didn't want to interrupt them.

She said thanks and told me expect the text sometime after 5pm. Then asked if I wanted to call the gate pass in for him or should she, adding that I wanted to be invovled. I told her snark, you do it.

5:15 I got a text, "come home."

I did just that. She was waiting in bed naked, but looked fresh. I stripped and joined her. I reached down to her pussy expecting it to be wet, she prefers bareback, it wasn't I figured he used a rubber. She made her way between my legs and began sucking my cock. I asked her questions about the bartender, all I got with a full mouth was indistinguishable grunting. She reached over for one of her dildos and slide it in her and sat on it as she sucked me. Still asking questions but no answers. I felt my orgasm building, then boom there it as, shooting my load in her mouth which she willingly swallowed and had an orgasm of her own.

When she was done she rolled on her back and we laid on the bed side by side, savoring the moment, the afterglow if you will. I asked her how he was, did she have a good time? She said I passed her test. What test was that I asked.

She said her and Gayle had a very frank discussion the day prior. That Gayle said she was now a hotwife and I was a cuckold. She said she had to look it up when she got back home, as Gayle's description was sexually charged and vague. She said that Gayle told her she was being stupid not including me, that most time the problem is the 'lifestyle', that our problem is the rules of the lifestyle. That she would be pleased as punch if Jack was more involved, that he is generally disinterested. She said they talked for hours.

So our secret is out and Gayle is now in the know, which means Jack knows. I wasn't happy but kept my displeasure to myself,
She said Gayle made a lot of sense and kinda put things in a different perspective and that she had given it a lot of thought and decided to test me, to see if involvement would work, could work. That she had no hookup planned with the bartender. She said I passed with flying colors. That she's ready to move ahead with my involvement, but with great trepidation and skepticism. She closed with 'please don't screw it up."

Rather than getting into a debate of how I could screw it up. I decided to take the path of least resistance and said "I'll try not to."

She nodded into nap time, I got up from the bed.
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Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Saturday 9/29 When I got home from a lunch ride to Tybee Island she asked me if it was OK if she invited the bartender over before his shift began. I asked if this was another test. She said no it was the real deal. I ask her if it was to be just the 2 of them , a 3-some or something else. She said she didn't yet know, and she wouldn't until she spoke to him. I expressed surprise that she already had his phone number. She said a girl's gotta be prepared, and chuckled. I did as well and told her yes. But I need to know the game plan before he arrives.

While sitting next to me she called him. When the call was over she said he would be here at 5pm, he has no problem me being present but no participation on my part at least this time around. She next called in a pass him. She said she needed a nap then a shower. That I should wake her by 4pm.

As she slept my mind was racing, until 4pm. She got up and showered. She looked at what to wear, put on the same black baby doll but decided against it. Basically she had no other go to sexy or erotic attire. She said she thinks a trip to Victoria's Secret real soon might be in order. She decided on a T Shirt that just covered her assets, after all she would only be clothed for a short time. Did a little preening and said she was now ready. She looked good as she always does. I gave her a thumbs up.

About 5pm the door bell rang and she told me to answer the door. I opened it and greeted him. As he entered we shook and hands as he said I must be the husband. The truth of it kinda made me feel a little funny. She greeted him with a hug, he looked at his watch and said they should get down to it as he doesn't have much time.

She led us into the bedroom, he started to strip as she pulled off the T Shirt, I followed suit. Within minutes we were all naked. She got into the bed and he followed suit. He is about 5'10" maybe 175 lbs, I'm 6'0" at 200 lbs so he's a bit smaller than am I, but much younger I think late 30s.. She's 5'6" and probably weighs 145 or so. Her weight is a heavily guarded secret, especially after loosing almost 40lbs. He was already sporting a hard-on as he looked her over and commenting that she looks real good for 'an old broad'.

He had the strangest looking cock I gave ever seen. It was about 6" thin at the base but tapered to a thick almost golf ball sized deep purple mushroom cock head. He asked her when she showered last and she told him. He got on the bed and she told him to be careful about her legs. He made his way between them and went down on her. I sat on the chair in the corner and watched. Within 5 minuets she was cumming, he let up for a minute then went back to what he was doing, and in another 2 maybe 3 minutes and she was cumming again. Another letup and he was again at her pussy and again another 2-3 minutes and she had her 3rd orgasm, her capper.

As he repositioned himself he asked covered or not? She told him it was his choice but she preferred not. She reached into the headboard and handed him the bottle of lube and told him he was gonna need it. He slathered some on his dick and handed it back to her and she took a handful and slathered her pussy, then tossed it in my direction. I also took a dollop.

He slowly entered her well lubed pussy and went all the way in, he wasted no time and started to rhythmically thrust, and she met each thrust with one of her own, he was still on his knees fucking her and rubbing her clit. She had another orgasm, he slowed down but didn't stop his thrusting, he picked up his pace a tad until she had yet another orgasm, he did the same thing slowing down but still in her, she reached down and put her hands on his waist and told him to fuck her hard. He complied giving her a 3rd this way. I swear I think her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He again slowed down until it had passed then picked up his pace even more. She panted that she was cumming again and he did the same for what seemed like minutes of ejaculation.

The had been at it for about 30 minutes. He pulled out of her with a distinctive popping sound and she moaned in disappointment. His cock was still hard, covered and dripping cum as he repositioned himself telling her to clean him. She licked him clean. He went back down between her legs and entered her again, this time prone and as he fucked her there was a distinctive squishing sound. She had her legs locked over his and was holding his butt cheeks pulling him in to her. They fucked in unison for less than 5 minutes giving her another orgasm. He didn't let up and continued to assault her cunt generating a trembling orgasm for her. He continued until he shot his 2nd load in her again for what seemed like forever. As before he pulled out with a popping sound still hard and even wetter than before, this time he stroked his hard cock against her clit sending a shuddering through her with another orgasm. He kept this up until she had 3 more orgasms.

I was stroking myself silly but not wanting to cum as I didn't want to experience the dreaded 'post orgasm blues'.

She was frantically rubbing her clit along with his cock occasionally dipping her finger in. He announced he was gonna cum again and dropped another huge load on her pussy as she used his cum to rub herself to another orgasm.

He asked what time it was. I told him it was about 6pm. He said he had to go and got off the bed still hard, went into bathroom and took a towel to wipe himself. When he was done he tossed it in the sink and dressed saying thanks. Then he surprised me and I dare say her as well when he apologized for not be able to finish. Holy shit, the guy came 3 times in an hour, gave her about a dozen orgasms, and he say he didn't finish. I was relatively good when I was his age, but never that good.

I was way past cumming, I was sore and limp. I walked him to the door. When I returned to the bedroom she was still laying there cum still dripping from her. She told to get in her now. I tried, I couldn't, I was way past that time. I got her a towel and she started to get out of bed to pee. Her legs were like Jell-O as she asked for help. When she was on the bowl I decided to clean the mess. He came a lot more than I thought, the sheet was soaking wet with an actual puddle of cum, when I removed the sheet his cum had soaked through the mattress pad into the mattress. I put down a towel then plastic sheet followed by fresh linens. Next time we need to put down a bed pad.

She returned and laid down, she was visibly exhausted. While cleaning up I relive the event. I realized that they hadn't kissed once, that made it a completely different experience for me. I realized I had zero jealousy, zero emotional negativity, this was not a roller coaster but a smooth steady exciting and erotic tour.

I asked her is he was a keeper. She said absolutely that it was one of the best sexual if not THE best experience in memory.

I told her I was surprised there was no kissing as that is a major thing for her. She said she was already horny so there wasn't any need for the foreplay, but primarily she wasn't attracted to him, that this was just a sex thing, a means to an end. I told her I wasn't sure I understood. She said at 1st she figured that having sex with him would help with a steady supply of partners. Now things are different, he's too good to relegate to 2nd tier.

I asked how I did. She said you couldn't get it up, you did lousy. I responded that isn't what I meant it was for fear of blowing things up. She said she misunderstood, that I did good. And hoped we wouldn't have a post-mortem each time. She put on a sleep mask and was out in seconds. I was too wired to sleep and too limp to masturbate to sleep.

I went to the great room put on the TV and pondered the wonderful prior hour.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
It's been an interesting few days. Sunday morning 9/30 just as I was about to leave she told me come back bed to play. She hasn't done that in so long it hurts trying to remember when.

Monday 10/1 when I returned home after being out all day I saw she had her vibe & dildo on the end table. Obviously she played, alone or with someone else I don't know and don't care, she played that's what was important.

Tuesday night 10/2 I was laying in bed waiting for her for the nights 'retirement'. Surprisingly she climbed in between my legs and gave me head. No prompting on my part. It was a very pleasant surprise. I got off she didn't.

As a side note I've noticed over the last few days a slight change in her demeanor towards me, things are much 'softer'. I'm not saying a word, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

There hasn't been a word about other men. I'm letting it lies and see where it goes.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
This is in addition to what I wrote the other day.

On Monday 10/1 I asked her if she was again going to the Distillery on Tuesday. She said no, I asked about Thursday, same response. I asked why, she said she wasn't it the mood. I wondered to myself if this had run it's course. I didn't know if she meant the Distillery or the sex. I didn't ask.

On Tuesday 10/2 I asked if she wanted do to go to a movie, it was my way of testing her 'availability' without asking again. She responded positively, guess the Distillery is really off. After we got home I was laying in bed waiting for her for the nights 'retirement'. Surprisingly she climbed in between my legs and gave me head. No prompting on my part. It was a very pleasant surprise. I got off she didn't.

Wednesday 10/3 at dinner she said she'd be out Friday night, that she'd be with Gayle. Of course I asked for more information. She said she didn't have any. I asked her about her mood, she said it's a bit better. I asked if she planned on being home or is this an over-nighter. She said she'd definitely be home, all she can estimate at his point is no later than 11 or 12. She said I may need to pick her up (she has trouble late in the day). I told her I'd drop her off then pick her up. She said that wasn't necessary that she'd drive herself, I needed to point out the logistical issue of leaving her vehicle at Gayle's. She acquiesced and suggested that maybe I spend that time with Jack, maybe a movie or something.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
So here it is Saturday 10/6 morning as I write the retelling of her Friday (last night) night.

I dropped her off at Gayle's about 8:00pm. She and Gayle made small talk. Gayle said they would be arriving about 8:30. The deal was that Gayle had a 'date' setup but that he has a friend and Gayle thought of her. She had brought a bag with her baby doll. She told me she looked at the clock and said that it felt like time to get ready. Gayle said there is nothing to get ready, that she greets her 'dates' naked, she doesn't 'waste' money on lingerie for only a moments wear, but she should do whatever she wanted. She said if it was good enough for Gayle it was good enough for her. So they both got naked and sat on the couch awaiting their 'dates'. At 8:30 the door bell rang and Gayle greeted them standing behind the door. They entered with big smiles seeing 2 naked women. Gayle did the introductions, she said it was a bit uncomfortable but exciting meeting naked.

Gayle led the way into the spare bedroom. There were 2 double beds with an end table between them. Gayle got on a bed spread her legs and said she was ready. She got on the other and taking Gayle's cue did the same but handed the guy the bottle of lube she brought. She said they were fucking before the guy even got the lube on. The subject of condoms never came up.

After they were lubed up he mounted her and slowly slid in her. She said the guy was respectable, he was maybe 6'0" 220# maybe 40ish with a 5" dick. She said they got into a pretty good rhythm. Gayle reached out and she did the same. They held hands as they were both being fucked. She said it was strange but nice, it wasn't long before Gayle's guy announced his impending orgasm, pulled out and shot his load on her abdomen, stomach and cleavage. She said she had an orgasm when she saw that. Her guy announced his impending orgasm but she told him NOT to pull out. He obeyed. Gayle's guy got up and she followed getting a roll of paper towels. She distributed some to everyone, Gayle's guy started to dress. Her guy was still on top of her but said I guess it's time to go, pulled out, got up, cleaned and dressed. They both said thanks as Gayle escorted them to the door. She looked at the clock. It was barely 9:00pm.

Gayle returned she was still on the bed with the paper towels sopping up the cum that was dripping from her pussy. Gayle said she didn't cum, she said she did, but only once. Gayle asked if she minded if she finished herself off. She said no that she'd wait in the living room. Gayle said she didn't need to as she took a dildo from the drawer. She said she laid there watching Gayle masturbate and found her hand drift down and she did the same. They both orgasmed, Gayle first followed her orgasm.

They got up and dressed. She called me to pick her up, it was 9:30.

On the way home she related the events above. I thanked her for involving me. I asked her if they kissed, she said that is an odd question, but yes they did that it helped her cum.

We had intercourse when we go home, followed by her falling asleep.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Yesterday, Saturday 10/6 the community was holding on EXPO and I had to be there until 6pm. At about 3:30 she called and asked if it was OK if the bartender came over. I told her it was but I wouldn't be home for some time yet. She asked if I could leave early. I told her I would try and reminded her to put down the bed pad. Oddly enough she told me to please try.

I was able to leave earlier but only about 30 minutes getting home about 5:30 or so. There was no car in driveway or in front of the house which told me either he was gone or a no show. I pulled into the garage and headed in. When I got the bedroom she was laying spread eagle legs open and arms out with a syrupy puddle of cum he had left and cum still dripping from her agape pussy down her ass crack. It was a magnificent sight, gave me an instant hard-on, sure wish I could have a picture of it.

She looked comatose, I called her name and asked if she was OK. She only grunted a response, followed by "get in me". Something I haven't heard in a very long time. There were 2 phrases she used to say, "get in me now" and "jump my bones". Anyway, I stripped as quick as I could I got on the bed and got between her legs and positioned myself ready to impale her. I entered her smoothly and easily, she was so full of cum and so well fucked she could have easily taken a horse cock. Something unexpected, not pleasant either, there was so much cum puddled on the pad that my balls actually dropped into the bartenders cum puddle. I didn't stop however from depositing my load in her, but it only took a few minutes. When I was done and got off her I took a good look, she had dried cum on her face as well as dried cum strewn on her body.

She had passed out, not sure if after I pulled out or before.

I rolled her on her side, boy oh boy the endorphins and serotonins must have really kicked in as there was no discomfort for her as is usual. I removed the pad and rolled her back. I took a warm washcloth and cleaned her the best I could.

I woke her at 9pm and asked "sleep or dinner?" she said sleep and dozed back off. I let her sleep and she awoke only for meds by her alarm.

It's now Sunday early morning and she's still sound asleep, 12 hours.
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Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Sunday 10/7 morning I woke her about 8am "sleep or breakfast?" she opted for sleep and dozed off. At noon I again woke her, this time forcing her out of bed, with all the meds she takes she needed food.

After lunch she went back to bed but asked me to join her. I did as asked shedding my clothing hoping for some adult time with her. She decided to talk.

HER: "What happened to you yesterday, I thought you were coming home early"

ME: "I did."

HER: "No you didn't."

ME: "Yes I did, I got home about 5:30."

HER: "I don't remember that."

ME: "Surprise surprise."

Note; due to medical issue she has some short term memory issues.

HER: "You must have just missed him."

ME: "Too bad. But I had you to myself."

HER: "What do you mean?"

ME: "We screwed."

HER: "We did?"

ME: "Actually it was more like I screwed you."

HER: "I didn't remember that at all."

ME: "Yup, I bet you don't."

HER: "Wanna hear what happened while I can still remember?"

ME: "Absolutely."

HER: "He got here about 3:30. I met him at the door naked. I took a cue from Gayle's playbook. No need to wasted time dressing to just undress for sex. And we get to save on lingerie. It's a double benefit."

ME "OK."

HER: He followed me into our bedroom as I put the walker to the side and got into bed, he stripped. He got between my legs and I handed him the lube, he lubed himself and I did the same. I really hate lube, it helps kill the moment."

ME: "Yup, sure does."

HER: "He worked his way in me and when he was all the way in he went to work, thrusting in and out of me while rubbing my clit. I had several orgasms until he filled me with his cum, actually over-filled me as I felt it seep out of me and down. When he was done he shimmied up and had me lick him clean. Then he made his way back down and was in me again fucking me somemore giving me more orgasms. Again he pulled out and I felt a lot of cum ooze out as he had me again lick him lean. This time his cock was way wetter and he dripped all over me. When he was clean he was again back in me and fucked me with even more vigor causing a number of more orgasms for me. Again he filled my pussy with a load of cum. And again he dragged his sopping wet cock to my mouth and had me clean him, this time he held my head and virtually face fucked me, until he was ready to cum. He held my head even tighter as he unloaded in my mouth, I tried to swallow as much as I could but he just overflowed my mouth and some escaped down my chin. He wasn't done yet as he reentered me yet again, this time he plowed me like a man possessed giving me even more orgasms. I completely lost count as he fucked me into oblivion. The last time I came so much was on my birthday when you made me cum forever."

ME: "Sorry I missed it."

HER: "So am I. You would have been more included, other than just a spectator."

ME: "Damn."

HER: "I don't remember much more than that."

ME: "I was able to leave ..................strewn on your body."

I related the details I wrote yesterday.

HER: "Are you serious! I can't remember any of what you're saying."

ME: "You had passed out, not sure if after I pulled out or before."

HER: "That I believe, he fucked me silly."

ME: "I rolled you on your side, ........................ cleaned you the best I could."

HER: "Unbelievable. Are you making this up as a way of getting back at me?"

ME: "Don't be absurd."

HER: "Holy shit."

ME: "My question is, did you kiss him?"

HER: "You are joking, right. This guy just had his cock in me, he came in me and you're worried about a fucking kiss"

ME: "Yeah I am."

HER: "You're so fucked up."

ME: "No I'm not. Did you kiss."


ME: "Yes I am. Guess now that he's been a two timer he's done."

HER: "Where did you get the idea of 2 times and he's done?"

ME: "From you, the connection thing."

HER: "Boy did you take that out of context."

ME: "OK then clue me in."

HER: "Kissing is a turn on for me."

ME: "Yeah I know that."

HER: "So you should unsderstand. It's about sex and if it's a turn on then what the problem?"

ME: "It's so intimate."

HER: "Pigeon hole, husband pigeon hole."

ME: "WTF."

HER: "Sometimes you can be really dense. When I kiss it's emotional, when I kiss while we're having sex, it's sexual. When I kissed the 1st guy it was sexual, I was afraid that I was getting a connection and then it would be emotional, so 2 times was it, before it became emotional. I really don't want the connection I want to be strictly physical, strictly sexual."

ME: "So why is the bartender limited if 2 times and you don't get a connection?"

HER: "It's not 2 times it's what was happening with the 1st guy. The bartender is different. I really don't like him, his demeanor, is looks, his phernomes, his body nor his cock, it isn't appealing to me. BUT. The sex is spectacular, as good as you were and you were, he is better a whole lot better. So for me he's a keeper but there will never be a connection so I don't kiss him for emotion and I don't need to kiss his the sexual high."

ME: "But........."

HER: "There is no but, emotion and sex - pigeon holes. Get with the program. I will not let it get emotional, I will not allow a connection. We're fucked up enough now, we don't need to add that."

ME: "Amen."

ME: "Did you have sex with Gayle?"

HER: "I told you all the details and sex wasn't part of it."

ME: "Yeah I know but..........."


ME: "Will you?"

HER: "Who knows what the future will hold."

ME: "I want to take pictures."

HER: "NO, ask differently."

ME: "Please my I take pictures?"


ME: "Why did you make me do that?"

HER: "I wanted to hear it and I wanted you to hear NO. NO PICTURES - NO VIDEO - NO SOUND - NOT NOW - NOT EVER."

ME: "Just for me."

HER: "Which part of NO don't you understand. Don't blow it up."

ME: "OK. I do need to be more involved."

HER: "I'll work on it. You could have yesterday, but you didn't."

ME: "I couldn't."

HER: "Now that I said all that I need to say 2 things, are you ready?"

ME: "I guess so."

HER: "First I want to thank you, second I'm very angry at you."

ME: "Details please."

HER: "I'm having a great time, I forgot how much I love sex. and how much I missed it. Not just the sex but the different men, the variety. But I gave up being a whore, I worked hard at it and you brought it all back. You made me a whore again and for that I'm angry with you. You turned me from a faithful wife into a whore wife. Unlike years ago when I wanted to stop but couldn't without professional help, now I don't want to stop."

ME: "You're OK with whore but not s...?"

HER: "Yup. Mom never called me a whore, it doesn't bring up this bad memories."

ME: "That I completely understand. Think hotwife rather than whore wife"

HER: "Hotwife, guess I need to do some research. It seems like you're liking sloppy seconds or is it sloppy 5ths."

ME: "Actually I am. For several reasons: 1 - I get an immediate hard-on seeing another guys cum dripping out of you, 2 - I can actually get in you without loosing my hard-on, 3 - I'm enjoying your enjoyment immensely. Beside they're all like mini gangbangs. And gangbangs are off the scale."

HER: "Now that's food for thought. Anyway it's time for me to shower."

She got up and got into the shower.

She stuck her head out of the shower and yelled "don't jerk off". I did as she suggested and we had sex when she was done.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
She's certainly on her way. For her it's revisiting her past, being the whore, the slut, she used to be. At one time I would have been appalled now I, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift of our sexual lives.

It's barely a month and she's had 8 different partners. We've (she & I) had more sex in this past month than we have in the past year. I'm almost in a constant state of arousal, if not being involved certainly by the constant thoughts and memories that are flooding my meager brain.

BUT to be sure I am along for the ride as she is definitely in control.
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Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
We went to Savannah yesterday, to Georgia Southern University. On the return drive I asked her is she regretted not going to a sleep-way college. After a few minutes of thought she said, "yes and no". She said "if I went away I would have a lot more freedom buy be limited to college boys, staying home I had limitations but I had both college boys and working men."

We had an interesting time last night I will post as soon as I get it written.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Wednesday 10/10 when I got home mid-afternoon she told me that she was planning on going to the Dispensary that evening and I was welcome to join her. I asked no questions and told her yes I would.

After dinner, I drove us there. As we entered the outdoor area I spotted the bartender busy at work. She led us to end of the bar where she put her walker. He came over, we shook hands they did an air kiss kinda thing. He asked what she was here for. She told him a hook-up. He smiled, said OK, took our drink orders and went back to work. He returned a few minutes later gave them to us saying they were on the house and it's a bit early yet, the pickings are kinda slim, to give it some time. She said she wasn't in any rush.

She nursed her White Zin and I nursed my sweet tea (I don't drink, one of my many character flaws). We gazed about and made small talk. Onto a 2nd round noticing that the crowd was getting thicker, it was now about 8:00pm.

A rather good looking guy cautiously strolled our way. He said the bartender told him to see us. We greeted him and she asked what he had in mind, he said you know. She smiled and said yeah she was just playin', he was very uncomfortable. She asked him point blank if he was OK with another guy present, he said he guesses so, she asked if it's his 1st time, he said yes. She shot a series of questions, are you over 18, are you married, are you circumcised, are you OK bareback. He answered in order, yes, no, yes, yes. And the last thing we need your last name. As a reminder we live in a gated community and we need to arrange for a gate pass. At that he balked. She very politely said thanks and have a nice evening while putting out her hand to shake goodbye. He walked away looking very dejected.

I told her we could drive him then bring him back. She asked if I really wanted to drive 40 minutes (20 each way) of 1/2 would be with a guy that just fucked your wife. I said you're right. She said of course there is a motel, I told her money, honey, money. OK so we're on the same page. She said home it is, have patience the night is young.

It was amazing watching her in action, close up and personal.

A few minutes later another guy sauntered over and turned his back to me facing her and said the bartender says you're looking for a hookup. He must have thought that I was just someone sitting there. I heard her tell ask him to turn a bit and announced that I was her husband. He had a very surprised expression on his face. She saw that and said yup, he's my husband. She asked the same series of questions and got the same answers. When she got to the last name he said Smith. She said good we have a deal providing your drivers license says Smith, cause the gate guard may ask for ID. He grunted and said no it doesn't, she again said goodbye.

They say 3 is the charm sure enough number 3 came over. Same routine bartender sent him, her questions, this time he has no problem with a last name. She said you follow us we'll park in the garage you park the left side of the driveway and you can follow us in through the garage. She called in the pass right then. On the way home I told her that it was amazing watching her and she doesn't seem to be too discriminating. She said in the old days by now she would have blown all 3 of them behind the bar. 30 minutes later the 3 of us were in the great room. Small talk is always awkward before hand, really nothing to talk about, afterwards she becomes the topic of conversation. She disappeared into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later naked and said the night wasn't getting any younger.

She headed back in and we followed. We were naked in seconds. She was on the bed and asked who's first. I offered him as he is the guest. He was between her legs, wet his finger, rubbed her pussy then tasted his finger. He then changed his position and went down on her. I was laying next to her rubbing my dick, she had her hand on my leg as he ate her out. She had one orgasm then a second followed almost immediately by the third, a shattering vibrating orgasm digging her nails into my leg. If I was close to cumming that pain would have killed it.

Something she rarely does is doggy. This time she got on her hands and knees and he entered her from behind as she sucked my cock. She didn't reach for lube this time. He's about 6' tall, maybe 200lbs well groomed clean shaven, thick head of hair maybe 5 - 5 1/2" cock that pitched left a bit. She came almost immediately, released my dick and said time to swap. He laid down and I entered her from behind. After a few minutes she had another orgasm this time by me, again she told us to swap as she laid down on her back. She threw her legs in the air as he got between and slid into her. I got my dick to her mouth as she willingly sucked me. Yes another orgasm and she again told us to swap. On more orgasm and we did one last swap. This time he couldn't hold back anymore and came in her. As soon as he pulled his wet cock out of her I was back in cum dipping from her. She told him to give her his cock and he did so as she licked him clean. It felt so good dipping into her warm pussy filled with his satin like deposit. I couldn't hold back either and make a meager deposit. I pulled out and got her a towel. She pretty much cleaned him for travel. He said he was sorry but he's a one and done.

She thanked him for a bunch of good orgasms. He thanked us both as he dressed. As I walked him to the door he told me how lucky I was to have such a fine piece of ass and one who likes to be shared. He gave me a card with his contact information. He said I did pretty good huh? I think inflated his ego by telling him average.

When I got back to the bedroom she had the towel tucked between her legs and was asleep.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Yesterday, Saturday 10/13 I got home about 11:15 from a MC breakfast ride to Garden City. She as in bed masturbating, she had 1 glass dildo in her, 1 laying alongside, her smart phone on her chest and using her Magic Wand on her clit. She as surprised to see me. I think she expected me back later in the day. Anyway I told her I'd be there in just a minute. She told me not now that she'd let me know even she was done. I said OK and headed out of the bedroom. She told me to close the door. This was a departure as in the past we both loved her masturbating for me.

I went to my computer dealing with e-mails trying to get my mind of her. About 30 minutes later I got a text that she was done. I went to the bedroom and stripped, she was laying there, toys by her side A bit motionless. I got into bed and started to touch her, she just told me to jerk off she was too exhausted for anything else. I did as she instructed, when I was close I got on my knees and scooted to her face she opened her mouth and I unloaded, she swallowed all I had. I laid back down, she turned her head away from me and went to sleep.

She takes 13 meds each day, actually all days, starting at 3:00am, and many times it beats the hell out of her, resulting in 16-18 of sleep each day.

No hint of anyone else since the 10th. I wonder if it ran its course, sure hope not. Just when we are getting started.

The photo is her array of toys.
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Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Shortly after I got home from a ride to Tybee Island yesterday (Saturday 10/20) she asked me to text the Bartender and invite him for some playtime that night. I don't know why she asked me rather than do it herself, but I'm not 'looking a gift horse in the mouth'. Please see series of text messages (yes I still have a flip phone) sorry but I blocked stuff you're shouldn't see. 1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG

Obviously he's taking it to a new level and she's ready to as well. Talk about opening Pandora's box. I knew she'd played with other females in the past as she said 'she had sex with other people' rather than 'other men'. The subject of multiple people never came up but I must assume with that many partners they weren't all one-on-one encounters. AND of course she handled our 3-some with aplomb as if she's been there before.

Anyway no more speculating I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

I called in a pass and met him at the door when he arrived. We shook hands like old friends. I told him she was waiting for him in the bedroom. He said he knew the way and I followed him rather then him following me. She was on the bed naked covered with the top sheet laying on a pad. She threw if off herself as soon as he entered the room, He immediately stripped as did I. I wasn't sure whether this was a participating event or a spectating event. He said he didn't have much time as he got a call on the way over to come to work earlier.

He was already sporting a hard-on, but I was not. Damn ED.

He got on the bed between her legs and she handed him lube telling him he's gonna need it. He squeezed a glob in his hand and rubbed his dick and handed it back to her, she refused it telling him to lube her. He squeezed another glob in his hand and rubbed her pussy making sure to insert one, two, the three fingers. He put the lube aside and entered her. She winced as he drove his cock in all the way till his balls hit her ass. In moments he was thrusting in and out of her well lubed pussy and true to form she was matching his thrusts. In minutes she had her 1st orgasm. They continued to fuck, till she had a 2nd orgasm, then a 3rd. It was so intense I swear I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head. He came moments after her filling her with a huge load that seeped out as he continued to impale her. He withdrew with a popping sound still hard and his cum spewed out like an overfilled vessel. He worked his way up the bed until she was able to get his dripping cock in her mouth and suck him. I had finally gotten hard but was so excited from my own rubbing and what I was witnessing that I had an orgasm of my own. He shot his 2nd load in her mouth as she swallowed as much as she could some of his cum dripping out and down her chin. He pulled out still oozing cum. He got off the bed thanked us got dressed and left. Their lips never met the entire time. Just plain raw sex, plain and simple, no ifs, ands or buts. He got off, I got off and more importantly she got off.

I removed the pad to the laundry and gave her a towel. I got back into be and laid next to her. I put my hand on her breast, her nipple was still rock hard. I rubbed it, she moaned with pleasure. I asked her if she was enjoying herself, she said absolutely. I asked if she wanted to stop, she said hell no. She asked me if I wanted her to stop I told her hell no. I asked her about the Bartender's friends, she said why not. I rubbed down to her belly then abdomen and felt the edge of the towel. I asked if she wanted a post fuck handjob, she said sure. I slid me hand between her and the towel, it was a mess I slipped by fingers into her very wet and slippery pussy. I remember back a few weeks ago when it was my cock slipping in. I rubbed her clit as a I used my fingers in her, minutes later she was cumming again. When her orgasm was over she thanked me and held my wrist as if to stop me from my activity. I got up covered her and watched as she dozed off.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Monday morning (10/22) she called me into the bedroom and asked me to go down on her, She said she was super horny and needed some relief. I gladly did as she requested. After 2 seemingly nice orgasm she thanked me.

Later in the day at dinner talking about the day she said she went to Wal-Mart, and while shopping picked up a guy. At Wal-Mart? She said guys have a neon sign flashing on their forehead that says I'm available. I reminder her about my involvement, she said her telling me this time is my involvement. I asked if she brought him back here. She said no, in they car. I reminded her that she told me she can't 'maneuver' in a car. She said all she did was blow him. I asked where they went for privacy, She said right there where he was parked. WTF! She said I'm a whore what do you expect, propriety, you started this. I said yea, but the parking lot. All she said was yup the parking lot.

She then told me they have a hookup scheduled for tomorrow (which is today Tuesday). I again asked where. She said he's gonna bring his wife's minivan, so in there. I told her I'd rather they did it here. She said he doesn't want to get that involved. I told her to pick a way-off corner spot. She said he told her it had tinted windows. Then told me to please stop questioning her. I did as she said.

Later in bed she gave me one of her dildos and said "do me".

I used it on her until she had 3 orgasms. I masturbated as she feel asleep.
Mar 7, 2018
Damn hot story. You have your hands full. I would like to have some of what you have but maybe not as much. If she did go that far, I would be OK with it but would rather hold off a bit. I took her to the Villages for a try at a first time. She gave me a promise but we just didn't get it done. Work and life is getting in the way of getting back but I am going to try again. Love the story and the story sounded so like us before she fucked. I have not badgered but have been persistent and gotten promises from her. She nearly went to the Red Rooster with me but chickened out on the way. She wants to but is just a little chicken yet. I have faith that she will go all the way and love it.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Red Rooster in Vegas? A swingers club - certain expectations. There's a club in FL that meets twice monthly - no expectations and a very laid back environment - just sit and watch if that's ones thing or partake. Mostly older folk, I don't ever remember any 'tens' either, just real people.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
At dinner tonight (Tuesday 10/23) she told me the details of today. They met at the prescribed time and location her parking alongside him in a corner of the lot. She got into the minivan leaving her walker in the car. The windows were in fact tinted as he said. They got into the rear. She removed her pants as he removed his. He took out a condom. and started to roll it on. She balked saying she wanted bareback, they remained at odds but he won out telling her he wouldn't without being covered but would cum on her if she wanted. She gave in and they fucked for a short while till he came. He didn't remove the condom and cum on her, she didn't orgasm. The got dressed, he thanked her and asked about a repeat, she told him she'd think about it. She told me absolutely not but she didn't want to provoke a situation by telling him no.

She said she was still horny. I suggested we go to the bedroom. She asked what for I can't get it up enough to get in her. I told her she was being unnecessarily cruel, rude and snarky. She apologized saying she was angry and horny. She said she was going to The Old Distillery and asked if I wanted to join her. I told her to have a good time, to be careful, that it was apparent that she needed alone time with someone other than me. She agreed, got up went to the dressing room, changed her clothing, put on some makeup and kissed me goodbye. She told me not to wait up but she would definatly be home. It was about 7:00pm when she left.

I watched TV until it was about 11:00 and went to beb very aroused. I wanted to masturbate but decided to wait in case I needed to perform, I needed to be ready.

About midnight she 'rolled' in. I woke.

ME: "Did you get lucky?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Got laid?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Was he good?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Did you cum?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "More than once?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "More than 3 times?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Ready to tell me the details?"

HER: "Nope."

ME: "Tomorrow?"

HER: "Maybe."

ME: "You're being awfully staccato."

HER: "Yup."

ME: "Are you full of cum?"

HER: "Yup."

ME: "How about me trying to get in you?"

HER: "Nope."

ME: "How about a blow job?"

HER: "Nope."

ME: "Hand job?"

HER: "Nope."

ME: "I guess I'm gonna rub one out, huh"

HER: "Nope."

ME: "Are you hurting?"

HER: "Yes."

ME: "1-10?"

HER: "100!"

ME: "How can I help?"

HER: "You can't - just let me be."

She reeked of sex, I kissed her goodnight. She took meds, laid there for a while then took more, a short while then more. Finally she fell asleep. She had a pained look on her face.

I let her be and after awhile I fell asleep.
Mar 7, 2018
That's too bad. I would have thought the sloppy seconds would have made the situation way better. Hope you can get her a little more reeled in for the two of you and all she wants on the side instead of all she wants on the side instead of the two of you. I do love the story. We went to the Villages for the prospect of meeting couples like you. The Villages is a retirement community with a reputation for more sex than anywhere else in the nation. You live in a gated community like the Villages. All that is looking pretty good to us. Old enough to get over jealousy or mostly and still horny as hell. I am ready to see her fucked and she is ready for it, just trying to arrange a setup she can be comfortable with to be her first time. We thought the Villages would be it but took too long to figure it out. Being an outsider also is something to deal with. She is ready but picky and has to be just right. I think the amount of booze has to be right as women have to have something to blame it on if they want. She can drink a bit and fuck and still claim to be a good girl cuz the booze made her do it. MJ is legal her also though we haven't gotten into it yet. Hope it might be a loosener also.
Apr 21, 2016
Bluffton, SC
Wednesday (10/24) I was out of the house early and we didn't touch base. I let her sleep and didn't wake her when I left.

I got a call about 11:00am, she just woke. She apologized for being nasty to me and sorry for being short last night. She said it started with frustration from the minivan guy and ended in being in a lot of pain.

As usual I accepted her apology.

She asked of it was OK if she hooked up again with the guy from last night. I asked her if the pain was due to him. She said maybe. I questioned her maybe. She said he insisted upon doggy style and being on her knees took it's toll. I suggested that she be firm about positions, she said she had already spoken to him about it. So you already set it up then asked me? She said contingent upon you. I told her that's different and told her to have a good time. She said she would.

About 2 hours later she called and told me to come home now. I did as requested and rushed home as fast as I could.

When I got in she was naked on the bed legs crossed. She said she can't keep that position much longer. I gave her a puzzled look. She said she was full of cum and needed me to fuck her before it all leaks out. I stripped as quick as I could. She spread her legs and there was the white gold oozing out of her magic pussy. I was hard enough to get in her thanks to his lubricant. We fucked till she had several orgasms, and causing his cum to become froth then I added my cum to his. I carefully rolled off of her and watched as her beautifully cummy cunt quivered. She just laid there and purred. A sound I hadn't heard in a very long time. When she got 'her pieces together' she asked if I wanted the details of the night before, I told her it wasn't necessary. She said thanks she was hoping I'd say something like that.

All's well that ends well.