Mar 18, 2022
My wife cheats on me continously... She wants to meet another man and fall in love.. When she does she will be faithful to him and stop fucking me.. She will never let me cum again.. She wants me to voluntarily feel the Jealousy, insecurity and pain it will cause me to feel because I know it will make her happy... She wants it, she needs it.. I will give it to her....
That is so PATHETIC of you. I hope you are not fishing for compliments here with your comment! I hope you will get another gf soon.
Mar 3, 2022
I love to lasso his balls to wooden rung on the kitchen chair...and then make him listen but not watch
Should get a big wooden table and tie him face down on it and spank him. Then the bull can give him a golden shower and cum in his mouth. Live streamed to the world. The sick fantasies of these wannabe cuckolds here is so funny. You can’t take anything they say seriously. Might even be 14 year old kid writing it😂
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