Jun 11, 2022
this using google translate, i apologize in advance for my mistakes. I have a strange fantasy about it, I searched for a few memories or stories on the internet, but I couldn't find it. I want to bet my wife and lose it so I let her sleep with someone else for the night. Whoever wins the bet will have sex with someone else for one night, and after that night, no one will talk about it again. I want to lose this game. This game will either be poker or my partner will be a wrestler and beat me at wrestling.Does anyone have a story or memory about it?
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Mar 28, 2021
Back quite a few years ago attended a Super Bowl party with a group of open minded adult friends, yeah ok swingers/swappers. It was the Oakland raiders vs Tampa Bay BUCS one.

Well this one couple were massive raiders and absolutely certain the raiders were going to win by 20. She even wore raider color lingerie and a raider temp tattoo above her pussy.

Anyways they were pretty obnoxious about during the pregame. So finally one guy challenged them to put a bet on it. Now being cocky , the back and forth ended up with the guy who challenged them putting up $500 vs her anal virginity.

Well as you might remember Raiders got smashed.

Now the guy was really not going to collect on the bet, the husband has gotten very quiet and the wife very nervous as the game went on. But they insisted a bet is a bet.

Then their on the living room floor this woman lost her anal virginity in front of her mad husband. Not only did she give it away.....she came hard from it. It was hot and really kicked off the party. All 5 women there ended up doing anal that day , the other 4 we're not anal virgins.

Within a couple of months the couple left the group. Everyone lost track of them after that.
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