My beloved vixen is about to go on a solo holiday!


May 14, 2022
Update… the holiday resort was DEAD and very little “prey” (as my vixen calls it)

But the whole scenario and anklet and tiny outfits caused the best ever week for sparking ideas off each other and plotting plans

Definitely a really intense week, still huge huge fun and a great experience

Jon Day

Sep 16, 2020
Suffolk UK
Proud and excited to say that my vixen is about to travel to a hotel overseas in the sun by herself - a first for us - to show off and turn heads!

Absolutely intoxicated with the idea that she’ll be looking (and dressing) jaw-dropping and making sure she’s noticed. A large, solid silver anklet and lots of plunging neck-line/ open back outfits will also make sure of it.

Her comment about the holiday, that’s now ringing in my ears, was ‘I’m not going to be hunting prey, but I’m not wearing my wedding ring, I’m taking condoms and I won’t turn down an opportunity’! Either way, the psychology and stomach-fluttering knowledge of knowing she’s there is powerful stuff.

We’ve often talked about why I’m love the idea of sharing her. I’ve always told her that her sexuality, looks and appeal are a force of nature so I love to soak them in as a spectator (even from a distance), as opposed to participant, at times. Updates from a solo holiday seem such a delicious way of doing this.
Make sure men in that are know she's available. You are so lucky.