My ex our experience

Jan 9, 2021
I've been divorced from my ex since 2018 but I still think about the fun we had everyday. I'm 38 she's 36. We were together 14 years all together here's our experience, it's all 100% true. We got together in 04 and after a year or so we moved in together after we were together around 2 1/2 years she left me for a man she met at her work. She was a cashier at a truck stop less than 1/4 mile from where we lived. He was an over the road trucker and drove an 18 wheeler. She barely knew him and and married him he was in his 40s almost 20 years older than her. The short time they were together (6 months) he got her pregnant. She ended up back with me and ended up losing the baby, and always wrote their relationship as a irresponsible mistake. I admit it, it hurt me what she did. But we got past it and shortly after she lost his baby she became pregnant with ours, (pregnant women are so gorgeous and sexy) we always had fairly hot sex but around this time we started talking dirty during sex to spice it up and I would talk about her being with other men and she absolutely loved it and it always made us both cum so hard but she was very persistent that it was bedroom talk only and she would never actually do it. Well I started talking about her and her trucker ex alot during sex and it was sooo hot. This went on for several months and after our baby was born I started talking about getting her to seriously meet up with him and actually do it. She said no of course for a while and I eventually kept on until she agreed to do it once and see how things went. She met up with him at the truck stop and fucked him in his sleeper and came home right after filled with his cum, nipples still hard, pussy swollen, and the smell of his saliva all over her where he kissed sucked and licked all over her. At first she said she didn't enjoy it but when she seen how hot it made me she admitted she loved it and wanted to do it again. And this became a regular thing (weekly) for a couple of years until he got with someone else and he stopped. The whole time he thought it was behind my back, and thought I had no idea. But after him she done the same thing with a friend of mine, they got together and fucked alot she loved it, and would come home everytime filled with his cum and ride me and tell me how much she loved him and his cock. This lasted until a few months before we split. But I miss the fun Soo much and think about it alot and definitely want my next girlfriend to be open to this kind of thing. Anyone I tell this to always asks if I ever watched or joined, and the answer is no she played it off like I had no idea and I also get asked if I still get to fuck her, and the answer to that is also no she's with someone else and also no the divorce wasn't because of the sexual lifestyle. Dating has been hard since her, it's hard to find females open to this, any special place or dating app I could use to find females that are into this? but anyway I just wanted to share this, I welcome any comments or questions, I enjoy talking about it.


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