My fuck-around wife.

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Jun 12, 2016
The first time (that I know about) that she fucked around was with this hunk of a guy who lived in our apartment complex. I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told a friend about doing her, and the friend later gave me all the details

One Saturday she said she had to go down to a local convenience store to pick up some wine. I noticed she had a skirt on when she left. I was sleepy and dozed off on the couch as she went out the door.

I heard her when she came back in. Waking up, I noticed she was smiling, and she said "Terry was down at the store. He pulled up right after me and came over to the car and said 'What you doin' with that little skirt on, Honey?'" This didn't surprise me, Terry was always flirting with her, even when I was around. She said she told him, "Oh, just thought you'd like it". Then she said they talked for a few minutes and she got her wine and came on home.

What I found out later was that Terry asked her to go to his apartment. She readily agreed. As soon as they got inside, they started kissing and fooling around. He put his hand up her skirt and discovered that she didn't have any panties on. They kissed some more, and she held her skirt up for him so he could play with her pussy. Then she got down on her knees and took his cock out. She sucked on him for awhile and licked his balls. Terry took her over to his couch, laid her down, and spread my wife's legs apart. He rubbed the head of his dick all over her wet pussy, and then slowly stuck his monster cock in my wife a little at a time until it was buried up the hilt. I know he has a big cock because I saw him in the shower at our gym. The fucking thing must be seven inches long, even when soft. The friend told me that Terry said she had an orgasm after about three strokes. I don't doubt this, she can cum at the drop of a hat when she's horny. She had her legs spread as far apart as she could get them, and was wiggling her ass up and down and around, wanting every inch of his giant cock as deep as she could get it.

Terry fucked my wife for about 15 or 20 minutes. He had that little skirt up around her waist, and had pulled her tits out from her haltar top. She was wearing some white mules, and she had her legs wrapped around his ass, her legs crossed at her ankles, pulling him in, pumping his cock. She was moaning, groaning, and telling Terry to fuck her harder, saying "Gimme that cock, Baby" over and over. Finally, Terry told her, "OK, Janet, I'm gonna pull out now, I'm about to cum!"

At this point, my wife was about to orgasm for a second time, and she said, "Don't you DARE take that cock out of me, and just pulled him in further with the legs she had wrapped around his ass. Terry said he just exploded his load in Janet's pussy. He said he felt like he came for about a full minute, and my wife got off again, too. After their orgasms subsided, Terry pulled out and wiped her pussy off so she wouldn't leak the cum and her pussy juices all over his couch.

There's a follow up to this story, but I'll save it for another time. [ Janet spread in blue top XH SM.jpg
Jun 16, 2016
Am glad she got the good hard fucking she deserved. The last picture of her is great. I would love to see cum running out of her used cunt.


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Aug 10, 2016
and she should satisfy as many cocks as she feels she needs to. There is a bunch of us out here that would love to be inside her. She deserves lots of cock for being so hot and sharing herself with us.