1. i LOVE teasing my bull

    i LOVE teasing my bull

    this is just me showing my bull what he's about to get so he can get hard he stretched me out and didn't listen that well when told where to cum, but i came too at least
  2. AC8EFED5-39EA-4024-8338-CB61E74C92A9.jpeg


  3. S

    BWC Looking to chat/sext with your wife

    BWC Bull here looking to explore some online intimacy and fun with your very own wife/girlfriend. Unfortunately I live in an area where there is no opportunities to meet fun and adventurous couples regularly so I've decided to try my chances here. The ideal set up would be that we talk for a...
  4. Blowjob


    A pic I got from my wife last time she visited one of her "friends" after work.
  5. Daniel_coolin22

    How to get my girlfriend to cheat on me

    My girlfriend just moved to college with me after we’ve been dating for about a year. Now that she has moved with me she has been started hanging out with other guys studying at school. I love the thought of her cheating on me with one of her study buddies, and I want to subtly encourage her to...
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    somebodys cock in my wifes pussy
  7. L

    I cheated on my Asian husband.

    I'm in an Asian style marriage and I don't love my husband and even kind of hate him. Sometimes Asian marriages aren't all about love. I have a lover that my husband doesn't know about. This kind of family-arranged marriage depresses me. I hate when my husband presses down on me and fucks me, so...
  8. A

    Please Full videos of her

    They are relaxedgentleman and creamed_peaches on reddit. She has an .... On reddit there are only short clips. Need full videos of them.
  9. J

    Does my gf cheat over me?

    Me and my gf having long distance relationships. One day she and her “best” friends (3 girls and 1 man) go to their friends wedding party. They dance all night long and after the party, 3 of her friends (girls) leaving her at that man hotel room. When i told my gf to go back home she denied and...
  10. Smallfly


  11. K

    Kelly Westgate

    Is it cheating if I’m addicted to cock ?
  12. H

    UK BWC looking to test your wives loyalty

    Hey, as the title says looking to test your girls if you were ever curious if they would cheat on you. Can test on multiple platforms such as Snapchat, Telegram, Kik and more. Would also make sure to provide you with screenshot of everything I send and she sends back. For more information feel...
  13. Wife cheats on hidden camera

    Wife cheats on hidden camera

  14. brandon22

    how you would rate my latina GF?

    29 years latina GF, natural body, sporty please rate her and Privat Message for more if u like
  15. D

    I can see if your unaware wife will cheat.

    I can send screenshots of all conversations and i can do or ask whatever you want me to.
  16. R

    My busty Indian wife for gangbang

    Hi everyone. She's my wife and I want her to get gangbanged. We were in a relationship for 13 years before our marriage. I caught her cheating on me before we got married.
  17. S

    Looking for a playful sub womam

    Dom bull here Looking for playful sub lady, preferably a fooling around and married. SPAM is: strong.desire Snap: wezosnap Or just DM
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    We call it "cheating" rather than just playing if she gets fucked without saying anything first. It's still okay ;)
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    We call it "cheating" rather than just playing if she gets fucked without saying anything first. It's still okay ;)
  20. F

    The start of my experience

    To start with she had been flirting with an D sending nudes to people from back home, she'd been arranging to meet when she went back to her home town for a family wedding. I was logged into her Facebook and WhatsApp, and née her SC pass, so I was watching live when she spoke to them. She had...