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    We call it "cheating" rather than just playing if she gets fucked without saying anything first. It's still okay ;)
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    We call it "cheating" rather than just playing if she gets fucked without saying anything first. It's still okay ;)
  7. Flanter23

    The start of my experience

    To start with she had been flirting with an D sending nudes to people from back home, she'd been arranging to meet when she went back to her home town for a family wedding. I was logged into her Facebook and WhatsApp, and née her SC pass, so I was watching live when she spoke to them. She had...
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    I uploaded my first video at this very moment on pornhub and I'm very excited and nervous at the same time if you like it :/ :) please be gracious It's very hard to shoot porn without a camera-man :D I need to learn the perspectives and everything about cameras and video editing too! hard for a...
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    We have now been married about ten years, and she fucked another guy before we had been married a year. She's had lots of others since then. Her first time hurt me deeply when I found out, but now it's horny for me when she dates. I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told...
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    My fiance of the last year got interested into being more free and trying meeting new people. I thought she just meant friends so I let her use tinder to meet new people little did I know she's meet some messed up people and become a complete slut and cuckold me. Shes tried some taboo stuff...
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